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And i think i told you the story. Yeah we were in the parking lot. And he's his dropped him like a tot well not intentionally. He's like he. I was talking with a couple of the club members. And he comes up and we're like you know. Welcome to the club. You know happy to have you. Not and he's like he's like he's like you're right with these guys a lot and i said yeah he said well you're a bigger guy like if you can keep up with them. I and probably keep up with them. And i'm like if you're sizing up the riders already. You may be the wrong ride. And i i know. Our ride leader actually encouraged him to join the wednesday ride. Which is you've done that one with us. Yeah and that one's the pace isn't necessarily slow but it's just an easier ride to keep together on because there's really only one big climb in. That's that's more of a welcoming ride to to something used to group rides or road rides. He got dropped like two miles in and just turn around. And i felt bad. You know because that's a terrible. I experience to have with the club. But at the same time i you know listen to what the club leaders telling you based on your experience and things like that because they know and i think we lost a potential member just because he in reality joined the wrong ride i i. I was fortunate that when i first started doing group rides. It was the the trek sunday morning rides and that that group is extremely friendly. It's a no drop ride we regroup anywhere from two to four times in the twenty five miles if the groups big enough when we get to a certain point the people wanna do along faster pace rydell split off and maybe do thirty five or forty but you know i that got me hooked on writing and if i if i didn't join that group for the first time i i don't know that i'd still be riding to be honest with you so to me. You know having that like minded writers but also having a group of people that make it social and not just writing by yourself..

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