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Base and get up to a $300 instant gift with select mattress purchase. It's the best of the best at Ashley. Dave dillin WTO traffic onto storm team four and Chad Merrill. We've got coastal flood advisories. Wind advisories in effect rain over spreading the region, gusty winds overnight that could create some potting of water on the roadways as well as some sporadic power outages, the strongest winds will be south and east of town in west along the spine of the blue ridge. Tapering off to a steady light rain on Saturday and then we pick up The Rain once again on Sunday with some flooding possible late Sunday and early Monday, temperatures all weekend stay in the 50s to lower 60s. I'm storm team fours, Chad Merrill. Right now we still have some light showers, the heavy rain, well south of town. 61 in hyattsville, 61° in Fredericksburg, we've got 62° in Easton brought to you by long fence. Say 15% on long fence decks pavers and fences go to long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. 5 11. Of course, the breaking story of the day here on WTO's hurricane Ian washed ashore on Georgetown, South Carolina, about three hours ago, the hurricane is now a tropical storm, and if you're familiar with of South Carolina beaches, there are a lot of peers in the towns here and there, and Ian has destroyed at least four along South Carolina's northern coast as the brunt of the surge in waves from what was a category one hurricane hit around Myrtle Beach. Joining us live from Myrtle Beach WTO P Steve dresner. Steve, you've been in the thick of it down there what's happening? Hillary a pretty amazing day. In about two O 5, Ian made landfall wins around 85 mph. I really would say to you guys that a bad hour later, I think the guts were up to maybe 90. And we were holding on to a huge concrete pillar pole, if you will, and I got to describe this surreal feeling right now. I've been through this a couple of times. We're outside the hotel, winds are only about 25 mph. Blue skies and a very strong sun. But yet about two and a half hours ago, you're just trying to not fall down. And just pretty amazing last couple hours.

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