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Rafe you some pretty dry overall today here in Orlando will take a look at the interactive radar coming up let you know if things are going to stay dry for your full weekend join me right now Serena Marshall from A. B. C. another big shake up in the trump administration once again as he's been kind of in battle all week but Serena today officially Alex the cost is out is labor secretary yes and it we're told and he actually set it next to the president that this was his decision that the president was not forcing him out to Mr trump in fact called him not a good labor secretary but a great one and we've been told a cabin by those in the administration the president didn't want to see him leave in fact the president was visibly saying upset about the fact he was leaving and we're going to miss him but it costs is that he was becoming a distraction for the administration for the economy so it was his decision to decide earlier president trump and said that the cost is been doing a great job but again like you said a cost to do want to be a distraction and this of course has Florida ties is it's all over the two thousand a plea deal with our sex trafficker Jeffrey abstain he of course is facing those new charges but you know really was the cost as role in that there was his downfall yeah exactly and the president was the one who encouraged Acosta to hold a conference earlier this week to explain his role in that case and the interviews coming out of the White House were lukewarm according to senior level administration sources they thought the president's reaction was is the present initial reaction was surprise at a concert in nothing more about I've seen the victim but multiple sources say the president still did not want him to leave that position I'd now it remember add labor secretary though having a role in a sex trafficking case that's something that they oversee as an agency and so that's why those calls were going louder and louder for him to step inside mostly from the last but he knows a lot of Republican thing they're leaving it up to the president and the and the president did not push back on his resignation so the cost is got a week left now before he officially stepped down from the job I know it's a little early but any indications of a potential replacement at all we still too early in the process I think it's a little bit too early for that the president has normally appointed people into acting positions in the meantime them in something that will probably expect for him to do of especially considering that Congress is getting ready to go on their August recess in the coming weeks and they still have a lot to do so getting to add another confirmation hearing isn't something they'll probably move towards fast never dull moment in Washington is yet another high profile departure of the trump administration ABC Serena Marshall Majorian me thanks three to have a great weekend thanks.

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