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Monday monday monday morning. Fresh off the plane from tacoma washington about an you know what it's about twenty five miles out of seattle. Here's the problem with that area pacific northwest. Listen i know eliot a bad rap about traffic. You ain't never seen traffic till you get stuck in seattle. Because they can't expand the roads and shit because they have to go over bodies of water all the damn time and so many people are there. Everything's congested two lane highway to get over the water to go. Twenty miles on. Friday took his two hours. Different type of Traffic out there. It is a beastie. Bbc oh and also the houses out there. This is interesting so it's not that hot out there but you know i don't know global warming or it's just the summer there's that to most houses don't have ac. They just opened the windows. Are i know what the hell they do. Bro is no. Ac is toasty out there. I got zero sleep. I slept on a couch. My under ruse because it was just too hot upstairs and then this is fun to first of all to come with great show. Some of the best crowds are. I love it up there. Everything's good where in the green room on. I think it was thursday. Is the thursday friday night thursday night. I forget where in the green room and chilling and we have seven thirty show. Seven o'clock we're all back their children and my big ass brother comes running in the green room. And he's run. He's all drawn. The guy has a gun or a knife and you know with the current climate. Like oh shit. We got a mass shooter. So mike mike what david the door is like what and everyone stands up. James no cocoa get out get out and so in my hand like we'll say guy with the knife letter mini arena. Beat the shit out of this guy can be pin yada celebration. And jay's i know he's crazies on math or something like man is his. So and jay's like huddling saw like he's goddamn captain america and pushes us out the up the door and so justin's and small cow first of all car left all's camera gear i feel like krista stephanos guy. Homeless pampered. gone all this on video and took a knife to the neck forum. So i had talked to cal cal bitches the camera and he's tiny runs out with this leaves all his camera putin there. That's what i'm paying get all on tape. But he you know he just panic panic so he runs and justin zych at the door. He's like i don't seem the outcomes burston through and takes a bear bottle and fucking chuck that justin and explodes on the wall and glass goes into justin's hat what injustice bleed in. I'm like oh this is real so we're like trying to get out but in the green room. There's only one door door to the stage. I didn't know that and the door for whatever. Reason was locked on the outside. So i might try and turn my bras on mocking spells. Big going let's go. Let's go like the cheerleader came out. He's like i'm still scared and i was like what and then finally dude like why. Why did deadline six hundred pounds. Why did he bench four hundred whatever. Twenty five pounds. This why bitch. I used all that strength and fucking shattered that door literally shattered the goddamn door. All would just shattered door. Here's the problem though. The all the fans are sitting there in the stands and we can bus and through. God damn elephants. And they're like well. Don't worry it's either guy with a gun or knife. He's not coming this way. And everyone's like what the fuck and then we're just you know david luhia chapelle. My brother me calicut kick around the team. So we're all walking through and some guy goes down. I feel like we're about to watch football game because it's all dude walkman eilly football game. The do got arrested. Do you got arrested. They dealt with that do so some random guy. She just try to attack. You guys didn't make all that up for nothing. But what the hell randy mean. I dunno still a beer bottle trying to get in and attack the boys you break into green with the knife and you see that this what did do i didn't know that but now obviously no-one picked up chiusano happened. Gave the cavs. It doesn't sound real but it happened. Yeah he got he dealt with two and then the cop said he didn't have a gun was like game of thrones fuck in sort thing is like a a big piece of wood that he made basically like shake it was like a big like spare all my god. I know and he was in shape. Meth you know. Pretty shredded which is jealous. But he was he was fucking in shape to be. A shout tacoma helen. I think it's the meth out there. Man's people violent people be weiland. Dude people be wiling. Some the fights were great man. Some fucking fights were pretty tasty this weekend. What i tell you about my boy. Aj mckee told you he was gonna win it all me and big. John called it the dark horse of that tournament. I thought he'd get donna out figuring like third or fourth round. I didn't think we'd take him under two minutes. Just to dispatch patricio. Pit bull in under two minutes is insane in his hometown. Los angeles at the form. He fricking dotted done man. I didn't see the fight live. i was on stage. Who came back. nick davis because he bet on the fight. He's a woman who spoil it and dude. That's why i'm asking. And they set me. I mean literally can watch the whole. I mean just sent me the two minute. Clip that head cakes. What did a in and then. The submission was filthy. Men one million bucks. Aj show do not buy a porsche. Gt with a million bucks. Giving the business manager dude does not the best investment. Yeah jay mckee. He's the man. He's faced bell tower. now take out pit bull..

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