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It's six am april sixteenth. nine thousand nine hundred sixteen. Ernest shackleton sits on a rock staring out at sea. His men are still asleep. It's been just twenty four hours since he and his men docked their boats on elephant island and he still can't get used to the solid ground beneath his feet life here feels different than on the flow giant cliffs rise behind him. The island is teeming with life birds of all shapes and sizes from his perch. You can see a seal family basking in the sign. Yesterday crew even managed to bring in a few for food. It's the first time he's seen them smile in months which is why he dreads giving them the news he has today. Frank wild is up. I enjoy shackleton on the shore. Boss you need more sleep actually. We need a better place to set up camp. there's no protection here against any storms. That might come in from the east. And it's below the high waterline. When tide comes in it could wash out. It isn't safe. Shackleton points over to the cliffs on the edge of the beach deep scars run across the rock damage from the storms. They stay here. They could be swept out to sea in the middle of the night. While doesn't look surprised he's noticed it too wild. Why don't you take the wills. And a small crew sail along the coast and look for something more stable all have the mindset tense is far up on the beaches we can. Wild is up an packing about before. Shackleton has to ask twice. He's a good man for the rest of the day. Shackleton helps the crew gets set up then joins them on the shore. Their faces look like they're coming out of a fog. They're fascinated by small things like the birdlife and the play of water against the rocks. They sit on the ground for hours staring out at the sea but as the day wears on shackleton becomes anxious where frank wild and his crew. They've been gone for several hours. He puts his hand into the air. None of wind to take them out to sea. So where could they be after dinner. There's nothing to do turn in. But shackleton can't sleep. He puts guard on watch and tells him to call as soon as he spots anything. Keep the doctor at the ready in case we need to go out and help finally at eight pm. Here's the voice. It's the wills. There's a flurry of activity as the men rushed through the dark towards the icy water and helped wild and his men back in shackleton can tell from their faces. The news is good. Wild tells them they sailed along a large part of the island for nine hours straight. It's all cliffs in rocks boss but there might be one spot bigger than this at least seven miles west. There are seals and penguins for food and a glacier nearby for water. That's all shackleton needs to hear. Men will break camp at dawn there in the boats by six. Am and for the first few hours it's uneventful but then the wind comes back. It treats from up high in tax at ninety miles per hour. The boats hug the coastline trying to use the cliffs for protection at three pm. They finally reached the new beachhead. The men's faces fall other than the size and safer high water mark on the cliff. The new beach is worse than the first is no protection at all. It juts into the water leaving the site completely. Exposed to wind and storms as the pru retrieves their gear from the boats. A gust of freezing cold wind hits them head on every step is an effort as they make their way up the beach to set up the tents but as soon as they get one tent set up the wind tears a foreign at side. Another is ripped to tatters and then in late afternoon the wind brings snow. It falls on the tense and a thin crust of white. The men huddle in their bags. There is no getting more the next morning. The blizzard is worse. Shackleton is up early as usual. He walks into the pelton snow toward the gray seed with his head down. It's not even winter and it's already bad. How will these men survived. The closest whaling station is south georgia island. But it's eight hundred miles away. There's no way he can take three boats filled with men across that much water and expect everyone to survive. Not after the harrowing journey just to get to this island. He'll have to go now. he just needs to work out. How henry wakes up feeling weak and exhausted but he doesn't care anymore. It's january eighth. Two thousand nine. And they have only twenty six miles to go. Before they reach shackleton's point the spot where he and his crew turn back and today the weather is perfect while they were sleeping. The blizzard cleared up. The wind is gone. And the sun has risen. Bright a cloudless sky for the first half of the day. Henry feels wonderful but after seven miles an article catches up to him once again and his legs into feel heavy and slow push and rethinks shackleton had to deal with much worse. Henry can handle a few muscle aches twelve miles from their goal. He and his team decided to stop and set up camp. Henry puts his sleeping bag down between will and adams and climbs n. f. the next morning henry pushes forward on his skis. He thinks back to the start of his journey. How he imagined he feels. He finished up these last. Few miles late jubilant triumphant. But it's thirty below an all henry can do is keep moving and focus on staying warm. They see for seven hours. And then henry stops and pulls out his. Gps to take reading. We're almost there. Henry moves the. Gps monitor slowly like. He's panning for gold. He looks down. S. eight dot twenty e one. Six two this is it it matches with the reading shackleton gave. They made it very same. Spot shackleton stood one hundred years ago. Camera lifts has left ski pole and drives it into the snow as hard as he can and then watches the union flag wave in the wind shackleton and his team carried one of these two. He looks over at will and adams who have huge grins on their faces. That's it we've made it. No one knows what else to say. They've done it. Suddenly henry is overcome and for the first time. Since he was a.

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