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Mm Studio Feline I'm Sarah Lane and I'm Roger Chan the show's Britta's it very excited to have area Waldman NASA advisor and author of what it's like in space Korea silicon tablet case and a Free Year of free time unlimited both devices are available for preorder today shipping October thirtieth the ten starts at one two hundred forty nine dollars and the H. E. Ten kids edition starts at one hundred ninety nine dollars to your replacement warranty not battery although if your battery rigs you get a replace do years so it works either way and that that's that's really important when selling these kids editions the fire tablet was the first one to kind of pioneer this idea of having a kid friendly version of the device so I'm not surprised to see them kind of updating that along with bringing it out to the kindle the new fire hd ten tablet certainly seems like it's well specked but people seem most excited about the fact that it has a USB port on it like p we've gone from complaining about things with UC ports did like cheering when a USB port say I have so many of them anyway now thank you just get on board California Governor Gavin newsom signed two bills into law last week regulating the distribution of deep fake videos bill AB seven thirty now our law ABC thirty makes it illegal to distribute manipulated videos aimed at deceiving voters or discrediting candidates within sixty days of an election? I guess if it's sixty one days before and election you can distribute all you want ABC six zero two gives people in California the right to do to sue someone for creating pornographic deep fakes using their likeness without consent and a study released Monday from debt security company deep trace found that ninety six percent of the more than fourteen thousand depict videos identified online were pornographic in nature not necessarily revenge porn or something like that but that seems to be what it's used most four so ABC six Oh to making it easier to sue someone for creating deep fakes using their likeness seems like it is called for since that's the majority use of this eighty seven thirty which is the one about not distributing manipulated videos aimed deceiving voters I mean why limit sixty days is my is my question yeah you mentioned if it's sixty one days are we in the clear here yeah it seems like it's a rule that is designed to confuse and you know and perhaps unfairly manipulate something can election it should just be a real hundred percent at the time I suppose I suppose there's reasons to say well we're we're limiting speech too much we do that so just around elections we want to dampen down but if you're limiting speech limiting speech whether it's not area I'm curious if you have a take on on that particular part of this that that idea of of saying you can't distribute something meant to deceive voters and who gets to decide that too yeah well and also how is it enforceable also if something's created at sixty seventy days but then it doesn't really pick up until within the sixty day frame and someone else who disseminates it from someone who's the irs is just it seems very strange I'd I'd be very curious where that came from and a little bit dismayed if it just came from well the sixty days leading up to the election as when you can really distort voters we've found or something I don't know it's I don't know it's almost like they created it to be shot down it seems very ano- strange I wonder somebody's going to challenge that in court especially that what you mentioned does it really interesting scenario of like I have a bunch of things up that are there could be considered deceptive and then it sixty days do I have to take them all down for sixty days until the nations over and then I can put them back up or if somebody re tweets them are or something similar distributors it come back to me distributor there is it you know it's it's interesting we'll see how this ends up being enforced and if it gets taken into court I also wonder if it's really about individuals or about the social networks themselves who are they trying to hold to account is it is it the conspiracy theorists or is it Jack Dorsey oh now well it's the distributor so my guess is it's going to it's targeted at the platforms because they are the distributor of things there also the companies that will pay out more money one suit yes this is perhaps a letter notes sonos launched a test of option service for its hardware called Sonos flex five hundred homes in the Netherlands can now choose from three different plans fifteen euros per month gets you too so I once mark speakers which is equivalent buying after just more than.

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