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In a local contractor no vandalism or destruction last night in st louis mother was a protest and a gathering outside a jail people arrested the night before our eld kmox radio's brett bloom two to three thousand people have gathered out here and they are outside the jail same with our people go these are some of the people that were arrested the dozen or so when our rampage after the quote unquote official protest had wrapped up for the evening the unrest is over the judges acquittal last week of a white former police officer in 2011 shooting death of a black man three people arrested in atlanta as a protest followed a vigil for a georgia tech student who was shot and killed by a campus police officer over the week can't cbs's mark strassmann the night began peacefully as hundreds gathered to light candles and green or scout shows well but that remembrance descended into chaos anti police protesters disrupted individual that again scream at office a smoke bomb launched into a police car it sparked claims that engulfed the vehicle instead of ammunition in the car los angeles area was rattled by a magnitude three point six earthquake overnight knx radio's pete demetrio by wife yelled out earthquake i felt a role that up very very short jolt move by at about one to two issues actor rattling on the wall a very short duration four to six seconds most no reports of injuries or major damage some top scientists say the worst effects of climate change can still be avoided swear live with cbs's vicky barter onion study claims the computer models used by the un's climate experts are wrong the planet is warming the authors say that at a slower pace than those models predicted possibly because china's exceeded expectations in tackling its greenhouse gas emissions and the west has upped its reliance on solar and wind energy the scientists say sharp reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are still needed but the new calculations suggest the world has a little more time to get that done steve working for the perfect toy put a smile on a child's face many of sought out toysrus bob for retailers now filing for bankruptcy protection in a sea of deaths and stepped up online competition or business.

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