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Have thought that brady score's a touchdown were devastated we don't have an tonio brown do you got smith schuster who has an unbelievable play now we can salvage this after we get ripped off with the non touchdown call which jesse james you have to have that you have you have it you have momentum and you gave it away and in all likelihood you're just gave away an opportunity to go to the super bowl in my opinion i think it was that big play the apple you brought this up last night the riding harrison he made it sound like he he's pretty confident the steelers on the road against the patriots in the playoffs yeah well you i don't know how and don't antonio brown he he's going to miss probably the next couple of weeks than he'll be ready for the playoffs but when you go to new england what are you going to do different are you going to have one person try to cover garang that's the embarrassing part of this every time i seek wrong in i'm watching with with rodney harrison who played defensive back and of course tony dungy and they're saying white single cover drunk i i don't care who would is somebody else's beating me not grown because drunk was unbelievable they're meal those that last drive i mean that was really incredible the great catch that he had right off of the grass had a couple of plays over the middle with chaisiri not are the open of the you know the opening in that defense was in the middle and they took advantage of that a couple of times but you know the patriots do these things it's just if you're the steelers you can't beat yourself new england's on could beat themselves steelers beat themselves yesterday and that would have been an unbelievable win because you to have homefield advantage in a you don't wanna slip up at all of a sudden you're going to jacksonville like you you've got to make sure that you tend to business here you got.

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