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Would like bust your balls and be like did you say i love you and you lie. I'm like i didn't want to admit it to yourself august nervous. It's such a like it's such a date somebody but then also somebody that you've been friends with for so long. That's i mean that's a big announcement to the whole group. It is something you can. You know what happened. I think i was like the. They'll tech's happened. I was before the board was it. I didn't see the make out. But i did see you guys. I kind of lake definitely florida so my head was like. Oh wow this is all day long is really no. I say i knew a little earlier even before you and before you how touch of tax us. Because i didn't believe him because like and he was like what would you say he had to prove himself with like showing you well. I had such doubts where he was like. Oh yeah no me. And natalie. I'm like sure i know no pro like like. Oh my god oh my. Gosh natalie's texting you this stuff. It wasn't anything like risque. Nothing should be embarrassed about confirming. Like hugh guys like. Were out and i remember. I had to keep it a secret from like everyone else. Because todd was like do not tell. That's actually the truth. Yeah he was really nice about the fact that i did not want a single soul to know that i know you guys only do a good job not at all. I knew it was real. Because like todd was like all of a sudden tame like switch him to like he was calm cool and collected for so long because used to be like wild and crazy and like something. Shut off and i was like. What's up with todd lately. And then that's when we started. Finding i was like oh. This is real. He really likes you. That's how you know he really like was into it. Also we certainly we started like actually dating like right before the pandemics. That's like such a weird time because it's like we're literally like the beginning of a relationship. We were just trapped at home every single day. Like watching movies together. It's like you're not like you're not going out in public and parties innovations. It's like oh yeah hard to gauge the relationship. Things like like. Oh yeah that's like a whole new relationship. Now go out together. Like he came with me to the runway staff last week and it was like versus like all of the people part associated team. They play natalie obsessed with it and they put like an older cautious hilarious and those numbers. Go to tom thumb sir but it was. It was like that was my first thing like he came to support me doing something. Oh cool and he was like so down. I don't know like you said you liked him. He'll love him like he was just cool him. Who.

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