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That is kinda read one place not and then throws as like wine is one so i don't think is fine color. Hey goes no wait a by color and then then there's the leprechaun doing all the clergy during the whole time and he's just like i really don't know nothing watching hockey out the window because the tv's back then so a season you think they had hockey back. Where were you going to say fun. Fact they would never have ice either. They're downstairs he drags his wife. The love contracts. The white downstairs for only cooking potatoes so this guy is pissed. He's mad so he's rage and man. He's a man. We try to include con once and for all because at first homeboys doing him favors. He's helping out with them. Like i just blaze a joint drink. And we're having fun for this episode. And he drags his wife downstairs. He gets pissed. He tried to get rid of him once for all so having been told that if he moved beyond a running stream which is crazy. Like luring this Let's go and get out of the get rid of clergy Mister peres attempted to do it just by moving all the household furniture and this what do you mean like re. Don't listen to this. The sellers of wine to a river stream because supposed to be leprechauns or clergy cons. Can't cross a stream of water for some reason. Oh i thought you meant like. He moved it all into so river so he wouldn't understand that he wasn't in the house anymore. So so so the move his house to outside of a house across the river doe he literally moved t- shit. It is like literally taking your coach. Your team just all put any ray beside a river bed and being like this right. Now come get me motherfucker. Get over it kenya. Can you can step over the line. Which coming river it there. You ain't getting across it. Because clearly articulate this is part of the folklore in matching because whoever the clergy knowing what was happening. He's like man. There's wanna they're trying to move across that river. Know what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna wedge my fucking sell my little body in between two barrels of beer and that's why these motherfuckers three feet. They're like three. They carrying two barrels of beer moved his wine cellar. Because that's one of the forklift. No i'm talking about all the barrels. He moved all the barrels his furniture. But you have moved it one.

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