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John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty WWE news time for a time for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids from the other down motor group traffic center brought to this hour by idle dimes motor city many Jeff what he's seen up there no problems no red and blue flashing lights just some overnight construction not wrapping up light traffic volumes after a look at the triple a jam cam so things looking good we had an incident in our first report of the morning we've been clear every sense so let's keep it that way on this Wednesday morning a reminder I seventy five southbound from university drive to square Lake Road only the left lane schedule to be open until five AM than seventy five south from twelve mile to six ninety six left lane closed and the right lane and shoulder will be close from six ninety six to eight mile the following ramps are close I six ninety six west two seventy five south the south bound seventy five exits to both eight and nine mile in the nine mile entrance ramp to seventy five south I six ninety six east and westbound between to quit during gross spec overnight roadwork blocking the left lane and shoulder each way until six this morning on east bound six ninety six east of van **** the left lane closed on the service drive if you see a problem on the freeways call me so I can not pass it along to your fellow motorists our number is two four eight four two three six W. W. J. in the automotive group twenty four hour traffic center I'm.

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