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Manuel noriega the one time dictator panama has died at the age of eighty three and here's carry con reports noriega was an ally of the us but was later ousted by american forces in the nineteen eighty nine invasion of central american country during his rule he was a key ally to the us in its fight against leftist insurgents nicaraguan now salvador allowing panama to be a training ground for american back soldiers and he provided a secret back channeled cuba's fidel castro but to the growing ire of the us noriega also sold arms to leftist guerrillas in central america allow panama to be a key conduit for colombian cocaine smugglers and was a ruthless dictator at home in nineteen eighty nine the us invaded panama noriega serve nearly twenty years in prison then jailed in france and ultimately back in panama until his death terry con npr news president trump's communications director is resigning but is still expected to stay on to assist with a transitional little longer that's the word today from white house chief of staff reince priebus in a statement about michael dell case decision to step down he tendered his resignation earlier this month and this all coming is trump's administration comes under greater federal scrutiny for its alleged ties to russia moscow has accused of meddling in the presidential election this is npr news from kqed news i'm brian watt the fate of a controversial development project in vallejo could be decided this week.

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