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Think you got a nickname As a result of that theology Batman. Yeah Yeah Yeah Andrews background with a smirk on his face but They really respond with utter hate. So I mean in a way. They're they're murderous as As planned parenthood. Oh Yeah Yeah. Ver- very very unfortunate Now Justin you. You have a lot of good materials for people to be able to understand this material. I have one of them right here. Clouds without water in this volume two is an updated version of volume. One correct What are what are we? Everybody can get it from Justin Peters Dot Org But really what is the content of this? Yeah it's to DVD's and it's about eight hours of teaching but it's my entire seminar. All the videos have video clips of all these false teachers binney hand Kenneth Copeland Jolo Seen Joyce Meyer Bill. Johnson Joseph Prints and I'll let people see and hear for themselves what they're actually teaching. It's not just me saying well. Kenneth Copeland said I play the clips? You see the video clips. You say what they're teaching right out of the Horse's mouth and then point by point. I corrected from scripture. Just go through and correct it from scripture. So it's It's a critique of the word of faith movement New Apostolic Reformation. Yeah and I think that there's one I'm not sure. Let me know about this. 'cause I've been wondering for a while is one of the most hilarious theology videos that I've seen I think it has Victoria hosting and She said Jesus was manned until God touched him an and she says moments and that's encouraging today and then it breaks over to you know that's heretical. Today is that real. A Rosette edited though. It's a real clip. No it's a real that was originally from you or somebody piece that together. No no yeah. That was mine. I found that video Yes he was leading a like communion Lord's supper search and Yes she's quoted her exactly right. Yeah she said that Jesus was just a man until touched him in his career the inside and that's encouraging day radical Larry seen it Shared I shared every year. Pops up in my memories on facebook You you also have other material as well I'm very found of and I grabbed it. as smif aspires for pastoral ministry. This your book do not hinder them made me rethink the baptism of children. I know we got like a mature. Daryl where where we at here? I understand the Paleo position better. I'll say that understand. It better not completely convinced but I understand it. Better just probably now wants to correct et over here. Yeah it's important for us. Understand the position of others. I mean even these. These wolves like the those scenes. The HINZ Copeland's Johnson's. It is important for us to understand what these people are actually believing what they're actually teaching so that we can correctly rebuke these teachings. Yeah and You know I'm I'm very encouraged by what seems to be many people that are starting to come out of these colts and you know you can only attributed to the power of the. Gospel that is brought forth by faithful believers. Yeah Yeah that's right and you know James kind of tagging onto that one of the great the logical ironies in all of this. Is that the people in word of faith new reformation. They would look at people like us sadness and they say oh you don't believe in the Holy Spirit you don't believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to the contrary so faults to the contrary I am so confident in the power of the person of the Holy Spirit of God that I do not believe that someone can be in dwelt by him in. Stay in this kind of deception and even if the Holy Spirit of God is strong enough to save us. He strong enough to deliver out of deception. And so there are some scattered seep in these falls church. Absolutely there are some scattered seat now. There are no mature. Shake zero there there. There are no mature Christians at go. Did these churches none. Because if you're mature in Christ you wouldn't be going to these Turkey slow but there are some immature. Christians are baby Christians but what will happen when they hear the truth when they see the truth from the word of God? Explain to them. They see it. They're gonNA come out and that's GONNA stay there. That's what I've seen in scripture of promise. All these wonderful plans for our lives of you know if we tied just just enough in this ninety day tithing challenge than God is. GonNa pour down the blessings of heaven owner We're going to prosper in all of our ways. But you know what I started reading the book of acts and I Seen Stephen. Getting installed a Peter. Getting crucified upside down. You know I started seeing these saints and I was like us this loosely because none of deserve good in this life I use this very loosely but if any body ever deserved to have complete blessing and prosperity in this life it was those followers of Christ who went out in and proclaimed that Gaza despite their shortcomings if anybody deserves if anybody deserved it. Surely It was the Apostle Paul after his conversion right In his rightfulness and we know how that ended. Yup Yup just just looking at them and then thinking about what I deserve. But I'm being told I deserve the complete opposite very insulting. I believe to the Holy Spirit. Yes indeed absolutely absolutely well Justin. I'M NOT GONNA take up too much more of your time. We're here at the g three conference I want you to be able to enjoy it No both of us are a little bit under. The weather is aimed. We both kind of in gold. Yeah so I'm not gonNA take anymore of your time. Obviously we can't get in it's Austin thing of the AR. This is stuff that you've studied for for years upon years But I do encourage everyone. Justin Peters Dot Org People are there is a ministry that you have ever considered supporting A Faithful Servant of the Lord Faithful to the Gospel fateful to Fatefully helping people that are just completely Called called in this This colt and that's exactly what it is. Colt Movement Support Justin Peter Support his ministry In in help in any way possible the biggest way you can help us proclaim the Gospel Into anybody caught up in a cold. Weather's Roman Catholicism Mormons or somebody in the in a org at the Gospel is still the power of God to salvation and I'm very thankful for that So just thank you so much for being with US tonight. Thanks to the biggest pleasure I've had on. This podcast is having you. Oh Man Soy. It's an honor brother. Keep up good work. Thank you We'll as a gentleman. This is James. Wadsworth fossils podcasts. As always may all that you do be done to the glory of God..

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