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One of my listeners today Janet Kelly as this then would you please give a shout out to all the medical personnel and local police for this service at the covert nineteen testing site on ridge Avenue in Lowell I was there today I've never seen anything run so well in my entire life so proud of them the police were pitching in moving heavy equipment around and very strong winds everyone was pitching in everywhere it didn't matter if it was their job they went up and down making sure you knew what to do and wishing you well it was truly inspiring I think you should mention it on your program tonight thank you Janet you requested we did it back to that happy to do it back to the calls to go gym isn't situate I hope if your friend to Janet Kelly up in the local area letter no I hope she heard it Hey Jim how are you tonight welcome standing down are you doing tonight I'm happier outstanding to the tough time to be outstanding but good for you and let the spirit Jim well I work in a big box home improvement store okay then slant slant and a lot of the things we can't find the supermarkets we don't have announced or either but they're asking for masks and toilet paper towels and cleaning products you don't Kerry those products normally we do we do but you're right but you're out you're out yes yeah so is it what is my question I would assume the toilet paper is made in the United States of America although someone tell me that some of it actually now come from China I mean what's the problem with you know brief I mean people can only by so many I mean you know you want to buy fifty rolls of toilet paper you know off of ten packages good luck to you but why is it so tough to get those those shelves restocked I don't know I don't know the answer to that but we when this whole thing happened a few weeks ago we get slammed people by and by the case for no reason they will not it's almost like they were expecting a nuclear fallout but nuclear winter and they were going to be you know in the basement for the next five years I mean I don't know what is but you I. S. I assume are okay with all if you're working as well those stories you probably saw this coming and you're all set I assume help not on everything now now what are you looking for what I need well at the bottom of the toilet it yet but it will be soon we had our paper towels to many of the night and they get they get attacked like a pro line is they just just jump on it what what what about like those wipes the handi wipes and stuff like that and those those titles we haven't seen we we come all same thing same I don't it's it's not I have people ask me every day to be everything else give me what you have in this right now I've got clubs but I don't have any masks well Jim thanks sure thanks a lot spreading the word I guess but let's let's hope the people pulled pull it together some point I want to show the Natalie to release and also call we're doing what they do that was less fantastical Paul Walker did a great job over there and Natalie thank you for doing what you do with the medical field I like that chan that's very nice oftentimes people call it was disapproval so so sad so it's great to hear one caller compliment another hope and I know Natalie's listen and I hope she's less time because water quality recall thanks very much appreciate let's keep it positive okay we're gonna go next to a Richard in Weymouth Hey Richard next unless I go ahead I advance online love to show thank you I just wanted to say real quick then yeah that mass that was just on talking to someone good advice on I just want to say one thing on when I go supermarket nonstop I see blogs everywhere on the ground and masks hi this is Duong art Quincy rocked in everywhere you are even on my street yet live on okay which is like that shot through the wall that is discussed you're not the first person that that that's disgusting now now I just wanted to say that maybe like stop and shop should toward trash can out at the door because I'm seeing gloves on the ground in the carriages and all that stuff now can we I think that like that's very rude as I mean let's just say there was somebody has to pick that up yes absolutely I I hate litter of any sort I had looked up when I see something on the ball but yeah we're talking about a disease virus and it's like that I I just couldn't believe how many gloves and masks option on the street in the CAD using the parking lots everywhere you can always call us a lot on it I'm saying Hey you drop something there you know I mean I I get I get probably I wouldn't say aggressive but abrasive did you know you really should drop something there home sorry you know that we are that's yeah that day was saying something about blocking one of that compliment all of this on the old rules one guideline people controlling the gloves and masks on the ground like a hundred dollar ticket what's wrong with that I think that's a great idea I think it's a good idea to get people set goals for chance somebody sees somebody there what I want them to stop because I don't know what to do with the valuable like that around and I'm John yeah I've noticed is home and a disposable gloves and masks and let's see let's see if others agree raise a great point and look look if you're gonna take that group that wrote those gloves a mask off or whatever put him in one of their somewhere you know that if you don't you know your mother is your mother is not around to pick up after this that's what you should tell thanks Richard appreciate the call have a great one I love this show thank you very much have a great night all right let me get you in Pennsylvania if you want to get you in here the wire go ahead you yet they're very good show as always the debate did what I look at right now is Dan I'm shopping in the stores that have plastic bags okay yeah yeah plastic bags have been attacked you know for the past few years because of in Bayern mental problems haven't paper bags by the way we're where we live in our neck of the woods up here they don't want to use paper or plastic they want you to bring your own reusable bags which are nothing but a Petri dishes X. it is crazy when I drove past the store let's see I used to work for whole foods I'm I'm retired but when I go pastor stores there's people standing in line with the re usable bags they're breaking the problem into the store I think I think you're right that they'll do a lot of folks who are very concerned about it Wilson legitimately if they were concerned about whether or not Wales was swallowing plastic bags and I don't know you know and and look I I'm I'm a big I'm an environmentalist but yeah with there will be no right well hi everybody wants to your to be beautiful right three three four you know beautiful air and everything but this is the problem Dan this is where look this virus is showing us today how crazy we have become because now all the sudden the way I look at it distortion I go to if they have plastic bags I'm probably more likely not to get the fiber virus you know right now you know you're absolutely right because someone pushed it takes their reusable bag and they think that they're doing this great thing for Mother Earth and all they do is they the reusable bags are crazy it's crazy and there was a real push up here and thank goodness this might wake people up and in some cases in the city where I live it's illegal it's illegal for the store although they've been suspended this now because of the corona virus it's illegal for a store to allow you to bring your own bags it I was bringing my own paper bags in and they said oh you can use your paper bags and they said but we have paper bags and we wouldn't would no longer charging so it was a scam to begin with and and we're done with it he I got to get one more here before the break have a great weekend happy Easter they say well you start thanks same to you let's go next we're going to get here real quickly but I'm gonna get as many people as we can a justice in Somerville Hey Jess how are you tonight I'm doing good how are you I'm doing just great what so what have you been looking for a what have you not found a what did you did you have a Eureka moment today I got it finally what you get it changes all the time so it depends upon the weak and it depends on where you're going I'm exhausted from when I go out to the store having to hit five doors without getting one which is not which is not good it's not good for social distancing not at all I did not approach this is not an issue has not been an issue at all but of course the a third of making my own sauces at home which is great at first it was bred but now there's plenty of bread because everybody now baking so there's no flour or corn or sugar it's a toss up those are like the biggest ones of course eggs is the big one ice cream lately it's been funny one and and not that I was buying ice cream but just walking by and saying that it's empty but I mean if you're allergic to dairy you're good to go because there's plenty of like the lactose free stuff well to me ice cream is a big one let me tag got it I got a big a couple weeks ago I got a big up friendlies got the cookie dough and I've been living off that trust me I did run into a place that minister of toilet paper one day even though I you know had three roles at home I was like I'm grabbing that now because otherwise I'll get in trouble what could we were walking out with twenty rolls right no no one thing you got to share that however a little right now and that's it thank you I do agree with that day the whole thing with the gloves in the parking lot and the face mask that has been a huge issue but my dad is actually you would he was retired he actually recently with all this going on back entertainment with the physician and and we were talking about stuff and ad space and gloves are reusable if you have cleaner and sanitizer defense had with them now I know that there isn't that in the grocery store if that does not exist I thought that that make that hi am I meant to ask I meant to ask nurse Natalie there if you could wash your hands with the gloves on to sort of random is that doable yeah it's your fault so one of the big things and this is something that I've seen are people going into liquor stores and looking for high proof alcohol now with that being said there was a woman who was desperately looking for a high proof alcohol and she walked with a bottle of rum even though the owner and I'm a bartender with like you don't want to take that washer counters it's thought added sugar in it because then you know the alcohol evaporates and you just created a Petri dish on your circuit does not sure which way why would you waste good rum cleaning your cafe but a lot of liquor stores by mid summer about I have Jerry's liquors which is right down the street he's been bringing N. grain alcohol that's like a hundred and ninety two hundred ninety eight hello very she although I just said you're right near don't light a cigarette near the sun do that but the thing with what my father sat on a lot of one thing that we don't see if lifestyle but you don't want to use a lifestyle because of the chemicals that are in it if you agree then those critical it will actually make your lawn more susceptible it'll bring down your immune system because I am a cult but it's great alcohol and you put it in a great bottle because it's such a high roof and it doesn't have anything else in it any other added chemicals you can spray down your maps and outside the gloves and rub your hands together with your gloves and all of that but it quickly and it will kill that it will kill the virus that is good to know that that is good to know Hey judgeship if you call my show before I don't remember your first call great call so like this is great alcohol if apple alcohol it's okay for consumption but it will it will kill the bacteria and it will instantly evaporate but won't poison you in any way you're going to liquor store he said if you said it was Gary slickers not the same Gary's from west Roxbury J. eighteen Jan and Jack generous Jerry okay so how do you do you have to ask for the grain alcohol or is there a particular brand that you'd recommend honestly he got he brought in at birth you bottom one type but that he brought in a cheaper type that the.

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