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Ways list. Seven Nate you. To keep you come in. Data live in being smart and fun. It brought me stacks and staff. That's true. And it's gone. I bought this place in that's the last scene of my. By Bill bardo. The bulk goes John fits pack me, and I'm gonna have that in my head. It is a tribute to the economic juggernaut. That is. Before it gets in the mail bag. Let me thank a ferry cranky Michael wilbon this morning garment. Thank our sponsor post Spotify and Sonos remember to listen and subscribe to an archived episodes the Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcasts including apple podcasts Spotify and Google play. And if you listen to show to I tunes, please leave us a review from shared a haiku Brady's mortal defense, real boring and corn syrup is bad. That is my takeaway too is at that terrible. Mike convert Virginia Chuck Todd said the giants were favored in Super Bowl thirty five against the ravens. This is what you might call wrong. Ravens open a one point favorite. We're bet up to three point favorite. You can look it up. He didn't you didn't. But you could Jim Flynn and Cobra Connecticut, Tony what color lace was solicit wearing when he referred to the woman who played lady Marian downton abbey from Kevin butts in Cincinnati women to I'm related to by mutual biological. Parents texted me Wednesday nights. Saying I'm meeting friends for drinking chatter is that the bar where they record that spot sports podcast. You listen to my only response was it's chatter. Oh, she said Chatters s but at least you didn't say chats from Dan Stana or stain ah any to to the matter that the haiku Baru is the official car of shared and the show. This is a apparently giant ad for.

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