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You may currently have that may be holding you back from your health and your weight loss goals and Theresa Wagner who is also registered in licensed Dietitian isn't studio with me this morning earning theresa. How many years have you been helping clients that nutritional weight wellness welcome Morning Mall? I'm excited to be here with you this morning. It's fun to see each other yeah so to answer your question. I've been teaching in counseling clients at Nutritional Satan Wellness for the past four years so time goes by pretty quickly doesn't seem like it could be that long already. Many of my clients are surprised that are teaching and counseling style quite often. A new client will come in thinking. I'm just gonNa tell them you you know start to count calories or track those Fat Grams Start Drinking Diet soda but that's really the furthest thing from what we teach <hes> we help our clients look at their current habits and their behaviors into regards to what they're eating and drinking and and we also have them look at how well that they are sleeping and help them if they're not able to sleep well to sleep butter. Everybody needs that yes. I always say to my clients. You may know that eating a balance of real foods is best for you but if you're constantly driving through the fast food lane ordering pizza to be delivered you are stuck in old unhealthy eating habits so let's try and find out why you're eating this way so that you can truly truly understand the negative side effects of this habit we can help you adopt better eating lifestyle lifestyle habits and we call this self-care habits for health and weight loss yes and today we want go over some of the habits that might be holding you back from losing weight and then maybe suggest some new habits to help prepare you forward so that we can reach those goals. Absolutely that's our goal we will even discuss how and why you got into some of these unhealthy habits in the first place. I think that's important <hes> for instance. Do you know what the biochemical reason that you got into ordering that coffee MOCHA and the cookie at three P._M.. A._M. Every afternoon some of you have given up the cookie but are you still picking up that coffee MOCHA that Caramel macchiato. What is your body saying to you while now have you heard or read some of the research that says forty percent of what we do every day is based on habits yes and not an actual decisions that we make yes so forty percent of what we do is based on her habit one great example all of this is we brush their teeth every day at bedtime? It's just automatic you wash your face..

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