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Sell him Samir. When when when when a moment that happens, do you ever knew like retired in and they forced the forced it's on my throat, watch it bad. You have to back. He can't afford another loss timing one at a time. If it was one of the time wasn't wasn't wet. Is it gets so dire? That we're not like joking about it on the past that now, but we're still we are still. I don't think I'm laughing. His bet like you're still. I he's in. He's scared me. Because once the number gets so big Kevin. It's not even RIA a harder to lose four ways like ins with who. Since I came up here. Four way, honestly, I came up here. And I just looked at anti just in this. I know you had the other three Georgia Tech fifty. Okay. So Notre Dame their seven game losing streak. They've scored six points a game scored fifty two in the first half. How can you? Explain that stuff. That's insane. They averaged sixty game, and they have double. No wrong seven in. They have fifty two in the first half. How is that not wrong? But this is how to go you have to go reverse of everything just happened because what Notre Dame just did is awesome. So you gotta bet. Georgia Tech in the second half. I'll let it ride. There's this thing on becky's gonna Bryan Strang, and Felicity Huffman, the Huffman they are bribing colleges to get their kids into schools. I totally understand that you could pay like, I don't know. If I read this someone paid millions of dollars six million dollars, by the way, becky's what makes us the way because everyone fucking loves on the prettiest woman who ever live. But. Her. Was it Felicity hussmann's kids who were like they faked going to crew at USC? Yeah. Joe if your kids, I'm not downgrading you see that is not Harvard. Hundred grand to go to just like jetsam. See, you know, who else get got kinda scot-free. Here's fluidity huffman's married to William H Macy. He's not in. He's not he wasn't named in any of this shit. It's pretty nice. I have no problem, Brian who fucking cares. They did the SAT's to there's a whole this guy had a fucking scheme when he had an SAT like factory in West Hollywood. You would just he had a guy who could you could name the score. You could be like I want fifteen ten boomed put it in. That's yeah. And they would pay to charity. I think it caught by the way, I think this guy flipped the mastermind so you can pay to charity, and then they would get SAT score. Then they'd get you admitted as like, I mean, what happens though, how how much Ristori Laughlin think it's mail fraud ship. Why those male, but tears go to go to school? Who cares? The other. Million dollars. It's the biggest thing is if your kid is is an idiot. Shithead kid going to school is not going to change a worse. They're going to come out being in idiot should. Well, pantley Francis told me that it's just impossible to get into college. Now, just like period, I believe. The heart is like Harvard now foreign kids are coming over. And they're all super smart, and it's just like impossible. I would like to find I would pay one million dollars to find the person who paid six million dollars. Because I think I could scheme that person at five minutes to move. Here's another Dave thing. What I'm thinking parcel university. I like that. Yeah. That's always kind of been in the works. No, not that. I think or someone is gold, but we don't get the money. Yeah. This is you do a porn for gold. I'll do it. We don't don't say. Like, this is like the rougher down. You know, I will say. I want your sex. All state if I clear my dad, how much would you charge for? I think this is the move..

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