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In the take care of business but they're also using up a lot of energy to do that and they're doing that once or twice a week were they normally would not have been doing that this time of the year and there's nothing to feed on out there right now there's no pollen that's a serious issue yeah it takes a lot of a lot of sugar alder funny you know it is basically they're stored energy so if there were never acted like this are consuming honey then if we have a super cold night they have to close to a gun to cover those you know their babies and if there is no honey anywhere around that cluster is they won't will start the death toll free right there possible their babies and and star because they can't leave that costs to go find food so you know they they'd probably eat and all the honey all way around their bruise all the screams around it and now they have to go much further to find honey so if it were eager to get super cold again there are there are in trouble because they will believe that Bruce to go up stairs to find more honey right so now so now beekeepers are obviously faced with that right now what do they do so we can see that we have all kinds of artificial food for Beasley health fondant who just like ice icing to guard cake icing of sugar brick some people just take no forty four pound bag of sugar and just stick it on top so we've put like extra box the empty box on top and he put sugar in there talk about a couple holes in in the bees are go up there on warmer days to to either the first thing we can do it's not very nutritious for them but if they run out of honey that's really the only thing we can do that to save so into beekeepers looking and if they look in right now and they see a lot of honey they won't do that but if they don't see a lot of money they will do that or she did they just be doing it anyway on a warm day return that should take frames a honey from the other boxes and moving right down next to the wherever the cost as well so if we if for no if we can get in there which I would never recommend open the hives with you know below fifty but if you can do a real quickly put some friends of honey right near that Koster that's the best thing that you can do if they have consumed everything is no honey left at least put some sugar in there as close to the group as possible so we have something to eat on the warm days we know you told you told me I I think I ask you one time about this you told me we were talking about these ups and downs you know is it better to have this type of weather for the bees or is it better if it just gets cold and stays cold and use use also about staying cool but on the same token if it gets extremely cold that could be even worse I sound like a real whiner no no you know I'm sure you know we're trying to you know get the oval but but you gotta understand all these factors that are involved here minus twenty like it was a couple years ago that she needs minus twenty for over a week the bees died because again they won't leave that Koster and the cost.

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