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Who, as everybody knows, the TNT analyst, former NHL player head coach, looking forward to I'm sure ray getting back onto a bench in the near future. You know, as he'll talk about, you can tell he's having fun with that group, right? No different than our experiences at TSN, but coaching is in his blood. And it makes a lot of sense given that he's been out for a bit now. Somebody is going to invite him back onto a bench. I can't imagine it. It wouldn't happen. I'm surprised it hasn't. Happened. Yeah. You know, and yet there is a poll to not be stressed out of your brain all the time. Like, look at these coaches by the end of the year, they're all worn down, like we're tired because, you know, we have a busy schedule, but they're stress level is off the chart. Like, so maybe it doesn't get back in, and he goes, hey, this is a fun enough. But seems like for those guys, if you're a coach, you're kind of always a coach. Where are you? Where are you today? I'm in New York. Back and forth. Did you stay in New York? Yeah, because Drake's TNT has the game 6s. The way their TV deal works. And so we have to wait to see if there are game 7s. And so I could have flown home today. Thursday, and then if there's a game 7 Saturday, I would have had to come back for it. So I would have had to fly back Friday. And 12 hours of flying and across the border and it just seemed like a terrible idea. Yeah. Headlines presented by our friends at Boston pizza, Boston pizza's got meal deals for everybody. Pizza passed a wing salad such a selection. Pick it up, get it delivered to your door. Either way, Boston pizza, BP will make sure all of your people are happy tonight. So the heart trophy finalists have been announced, right? And they go in no particular order, other than this order. You've got auston Matthews, Connor McDavid, and Igor sterkin. I mean, the first two, I think we're fairly obvious. His Igor shish durkin has a finalist surprise to you or not at all. Well, only because he's a goalie, but that's it. I mean, look, I'm doing this ranger series with Pittsburgh and he had a couple of really crappy nights and in Pittsburgh. But I'm firmly convinced that the rangers didn't think they were going to be this good this year. And the reason they ended up with a 110 points in the first half of the year can save them. And in the second half of the year, he saved them just a little bit less. So I had or I have just 13 on my MVP ballot. Of course I have McDavid and Matthews too, but I think justified recognition that he be on the ballot. But I agree. I mean, the three guys you mentioned Matthews McDavid Schuster and all on my ballot and as we talked about in the last episode of the podcast, man, it was a grind, a legit chore to go through the awards ballot this year, wasn't. But that's a good thing, right? Because it means that they're so many qualified candidates for the heart for the Norris, you know, the Calder, go down the list. It was a fun exercise, but it was a tough one. Well, I would say, I mean, I think I've been doing this now 5 ish years, 6, 7 years, something like that. This felt like the hardest year for me to, I mean, there was a couple guys that are just in each thing..

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