Lebrun, Los Angeles, David Griffin discussed on Jalen & Jacoby - Chaos in Cleveland, Lakers Still Makin' Space, Phil Jackson News and More: 6/20/17


I talked about this war wow on his program you did about the potential lebrun leaving los angeles so now we have these things that have happened not only was david griffin let go as the gm before his contract was up but he was let go without the consultation of lebrun james then the brown james semi publicly acknowledges that he was not consulted and he's upset about it and then we have this now we're getting rumors reports that oh savannah lebron james his wife really likes the los angeles area does all of this just point to what you originally pointed out to again was the first to say on wax lubrani james is headed to los angeles more specifically the los angeles lakers is that a done deal to you this is one of those things where i had to get on however tom brokaw when i need a screeching to jane in engine listeners groom can so so let me get this right um are actually individuals that are discussing the fact that lebron james his wife wants to now live in los angeles which may affect him playing for the cleveland cavaliers in which may lead to him going west to play in purple ingo is that the report that is the report from kevin binger fleets report okay big shout kevin day shout now for any by this truly been paying attention when a couple vase a 20milliondollar house in britain would that usually means that they both want to live somewhere so what's happening here is the brian james is not only bistrategic but he's be calculating look at all of the things that have come out here recently how the family members really didn't want him to ignore the letter didn't want him to return to cleveland how the cast really aren't spinning the level of dollar to he will liked them the spin on their roster in order to get him what he needed to beat the golden state warriors and what happened in nba finals.

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