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Unruly passengers need to be reminded that they could face federal charges. It's a federal offense to interfere with the flight crew member Or attack of like, Remember, you've faced punishment in federal court and possibly imprisonment. This comes after a Southwest flight attendant was assaulted by a passenger on a flight to San Diego this past weekend that flight attendant lost two teeth, but it's said to be recovering. There've been more than 2500 reported cases of unruly airline passengers this year. Meanwhile, kids two years and older who have not been fully vaccinated, should they be still wearing masks. That's the updated covert guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics released on Wednesday. It explains masks should be worn at school camp, childcare programs and other events. The academy's president, argued vaccines are effective. But staying vigilant is also important. Dr Lee's Savio Beers added. It's smart to be cautious and careful since kids younger than 12 aren't eligible for the vaccine. I'm Brian Shook US consumer prices are surging, Susan Lee reports Washington Stimulus has been great for stock markets, but tough on consumers, touching budgets and wallets and consumer prices. We saw that last month where the fastest rate in 12 years the CEO of the world's biggest bank, Jamie Diamond, says that Americans should brace for even much higher prices. Thanks to D. C money printing as all that spending It takes place. But, yes, it will raise inflation. I think there's nothing wrong with 1.6%. You know, I would expect it to go because she'll be higher than that. You already see much more expensive prices used cars went by the most is 1953 Last month, bacon prices were up 16% and, yes, meat lovers are shelling out more money. Everything is as every Lego land was not awesome enough. The new expansion to the park definitely will be. Lego.

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