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Thought to me i mean we've all had that thought his parents even if it's a if even if it's like a fleeting joking thought i hope they didn't switch babies by accident you know when they wield the baby down for whatever but yeah man handy to babies look exactly alike that is that is weird stuff i said we'll take your phone calls coming up what is it like to have identical twins one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years new jersey fast traffic dump truck onto ninety seven on the northbound side just beyond asia ten eastern avenue piscataway heads up for that it's in the center lane this report is sponsored by sprint traffic on the turnpike truck lanes down north of thirteen into thirteen garden state parkway northbound slowdowns to one forty five of the crash move to the side southbound heavy into one forty one twenty two west newark and acted and still being cleared to any west in newark and other accidents out of the way and seventy eight east coming down to the parkway yet another crash thirty-five still closed uneaten tandy or industrial way what main repairs are ongoing and the traffic is heavy onto ninety five south into forty-two also very busy at the ben franklin bridge leaving new jersey and the walt whitman coming back over to the new jersey side hudson river crossing slow traffic is the lincoln tunnel leaving new jersey that's eight ten to fifteen minutes slow down it's also been very slow back to jersey four hundred five west away from the lincoln tunnel with an accident being third by one nine so yeah you can get an unlimited an unlimited plan with one of the newest phones included for one low price vigil okel sprint store sprint dot com or call one eight hundred sprint one to learn how you can switch to sprint today traffic every fifteen minutes next report at three thirty three on the all american auto group traffic guest shop today at all american auto group dot com i'm tom rivers on new jersey one a one point five new jersey one point five percents festival.

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