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It really is a matter of life or death. It's likely to be a pretty busy week for the Senate. The House yesterday passed legislation to raise Kobe 19 stimulus checks to Americans. From $600 to $2000. Will the Senate take it up or pass it? News nations. Joe Khalil has more on the House numbers vote from Capitol Hill 134, who opposed a bigger stimulus check. 130 of them will Republicans. So why is that important? Well, it still gives us a clear picture about where the Republican Party is on this issue, and that's important heading into The Senate because this bill is going to be taken up by the Senate. Potentially, we're not sure yet whether Senator Mitch McConnell will even bring it up before a vote. We could find out later today that said, it is set to me too, and leader McConnell has to kind of publicly address how he plans to handle the issue. Meanwhile, the stage set for the first veto override of Donald Trump's presidency. House overwhelmingly yesterday overrode Trump's veto of the defense policy bill, a margin well above the two thirds required the Senate expected to consider overriding the veto sometime this week. Police body cam footage of the Christmas morning explosion in Nashville, Tennessee. Has been released by the police department in Nashville in a tweet, the department said one of the responding officers was issued a body camera just days earlier have a full videos about 12 minutes long, it does capture the explosion. Investigators are looking at any and all possible motives for that explosion. After identifying the bomber is 63 year old Anthony Quinn Warner, who died in the blast. Hospitals around the country are bracing for the possibility of another covert spike. Thanks to the millions of Americans who ignore the C D. C s advice to stay home for Christmas and traveled anyway, I am very concerned that if we have more gathering more people indoors, we're going to have even more patients come to the hospital. Dr. Vanessa Walker is a pulmonary and critical care doctor at Sutter, Roseville and California. She says her facility is already pushed to the max and running short. Of nursing staff. People will not get as good a care is they should be getting simply because we don't have the space. We don't have all the staff that we need That's news NATIONS Felisha Bolton Vice President elect Kamila Harris will receive her covert 19 vaccination today, Harris will get her shot in the nation's capital on live TV. Her husband, who soon will be no. One as the second gentleman, Douglas Am. Hof also received a shot. But separately here asses vaccination will come exactly one week after President elect Joe Biden received his shot. Let's get Deputy D A in sports. Now Here's David. It looks like the Cubs will have a number of pieces to replace next season. Among them Yu Darvish, the N L. Cy Young runner up part of a deal being finalized with the Padres, Darvish and Victor Cara teeny to the Padres pitcher Zach Davies and for prospects to the Cubs. The Blackhawks will be without Kirby, Doc and Alex Knee Lander when they report to camp next week. They may add Jonathan tapes to that list, he has said in Canada's reporting that tape's will miss camp and the start of the season because of illness. No other details yet nothing official from the team. Doc had surgery yesterday to repair a fractured wrist will be out up to five months. College basketball loyal, improved to two unknown The Missouri Valley within 86 55 went over Illinois state to sweet their back to back Nine Big 10 teams. They're ranked this week, led by Number six Wisconsin, which was beaten at home last night by Maryland. 72 64, while Minnesota Thump Michigan State 81 56 Tonight Number 19 Northwestern, at number 10, Iowa.

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