Weimar, Tim Snyder, President Trump discussed on Waking Up with Sam Harris


And it's working he's constrained chill two days a week i wake up when i think molander if it felt like lists in the final years of the roman republic and i think that's about the proportion i think a story needs to be very sceptical about some of the claims that have been made up by our name names by those who warm that weird descending rapidly towards tyranny by analogy with the weimar republic i mean this just strikes me as a terribly inappropriate analogy i'm impatient with the talk of of tyranny on i will name names i disagree with by dear friend andrew sullivan about this and i disagree with my friend tim snyder about this i don't think with descending into tyranny and i think if if one simply look cates the trump presidency in the context of american history leave aside the weimar republic they're all numerous precedents for what we're seeing and the most likely outcome at this point is not the collapse of the republic hits the impeachment of the president after the democrats win back the house in november that a pretty much the base case at this point however i think it would be excessively sanguine to say that that's the outcome with ninety five percent probability a frugal didn't we learn in 2016 not to have to high confidence in our political predictions i writes a weekly column matza good discipline you'll forced constantly to assess your expectations make sure that your updating your views and mike told him has blown hot and cold for the last two years between dismissing trumpers as a a a hopeless candidates recognizing that he might very well win and i i fear around us i as i right at the moment between thinking the dreadful mistakes being made and and then reflecting that for example if one just compares outcomes comparing you're one of clinton with year one of trump leaving aside the personalities the not so very different it's a difficult lines tread for the office reason that in this poor.

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