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Be Online received the Academy award no say short field like if you Have it seen it. You can actually good at Youtube. I know you've seen it already so I'm not talking to you that you should watch it. Man You know in all transparency. I haven't seen any of that. I just read about about it and googled it myself. So yeah so you'll say jerker no but his though and it actually is from knows it was made the screenplay earliest was made by wide receiver. Matthew Berry you know. He used to play Football Jacksonville rows bengals etc etc exactly. That's what I say. Man I google. Oh that's a bad with shout out to him no man for dog ass. You know what I'm saying award you know here little baby. Hey you know what I'm saying. Nah I got one of the things I wanNA talk about before we get started. Started me too okay. Good students are facing federal charges. Overa- viral video is about when during the jumping they clip them and make them fall back or whatever they did that to a young lady. That was autistic. Hello so challenge is going to get. I mean but I've been seeing it all over and I'm just like we didn't do that when we use younger. I know we always joke. I'm like we'd have been out there. Fighting we'd have been scrapping is going down. I I can't I can't i. Man Europe says. I don't really remember being around a lot of disabled kids either so I mean you laugh laugh. I'm not even saying like that. Don't give me customer. I'm saying interacted with them often. I'm just saying I don't remember having and like you know. Handicapped us like they had like the class for it or whatever but it would never leave that many students around there on the school with around here so I get what you're saying I got. I remember Patrick Patrick. Jody Lewis here because rebuttal right there would have been every man speaking of whereas before speaking a witch man we gotta wish a special happy birthday to one of our year. We'll say a members in here may say be Brian. If you watch out. They're happy birthday. They my brother. Nicky that is my oldest sister. Happy Birthday Birthday Man. Jordan flew game. It's not a one time. Can I say something before. We go so absolutely go back one in just a little thing in the news. I want to ask so I don't know of your Senior not lag. Last week it was a seventy year old. Oh man he was on a dating site. I and I think he had talked to like fourteen different women so he was getting con money me. I think it got up to fifty thousand dollars so the bank teller been really you know inquiry until like the four fifteen woman and she just kept asking him like. Why are you taking money out? Like you. Taking large sums of money out. I was going on so you know he's playing through autism. Met this lady in and you know what I'm saying her money and I guess he he was getting her fourteen thousand dollars gift cars for whatever reason I don't know so she you know talked to him about doing it and she's like you know you blade so I just wanted to say he's a idiot. I I WANNA I WANNA I don't WanNa say no Vij worth there but the you know what I'm saying don't be desperate we got time I WANNA bullet-point and come back around to that because this is interesting. That's the power of the hot Rod. It is hot down there. Hey look man to start the show. The office good look so the other thing I met Forgot to go through my notes. Also whatever man. I want to say Condolences to DJ. Slick be who was killed in a robbery attempt over the weekend opening a hemp museum. I'm still kind of thought about that whole thing because man like I guess the DJ man he really out here you know he desired trying to put on for his family and itself and really ain't even bothering nobody do standup guy. You know what I'm saying real humble and the fact that you got somebody that does want to try to this city just I just I hate for no radio say I WANNA move. y'All wouldn't I knew you look. You know what I'm saying. I mean I'm still not going to go man because somebody you gotta make that change do like don't be and I respect that man. I repair restrictor. I heard a different story. I just. He was a coup man. He wouldn't even had like that he wasn't even on. ESPN like Danny. He really was yeah. He was about a about teaching in putting other people. Also you know what I'm saying like it's passing the baton at you and that's the point. I was trying to make last time. You know what I'm saying. You cannot be covering that cloth and try to do the best that you can still somebody out here. There's going to be jealous. Scared eight or running away just to me in some instances about being smart not saying that he wasn't smart. Brian is an environment. No what I'm saying. H Than just it even when you're trying to do good and trying to come up and bring people which you or trying to teach them pass along your knowledge. Is this sense to me right. I mean if I could I'm I'm move nothing opening somewhere else. And then you know if that's one star boom and try to come back and bring some here but I'm not going to start here. I necessarily certainly novice somewhere in this situation to where I could. I do it. That way. Right Detroit through. You know what I'm saying. I never change is like that but some stuff you just got to think ahead to me. That's just me so. Do you feel like as one individual person that is worth the risk I give you can move the needle in the right direction of getting. I mean that's the sacrifice and a chance that you take so that's why I know I can't follow him for that if he he wasn't type of person you know what I'm saying anything like that you know so I'm just going to here home. Base C DOT Com. Do but always somebody. That's eight nine is always somebody did you like that. You can't stop that 'cause that's everywhere you go but at the same time I think I think a lot so I always try to weigh the pros and cons about things right me. They respect data. Who all right so of course? You can't Sir go ahead would you got. This is real quick man. I JUST WANNA say shout out to the Detroit. Pistons taught drumming forgiving them away. That's that's pennies on the dollar. I don't care man. You took his bus from two men. Seven miles. Seven miles was never seven mile. Drake man couldn't even get in the playoffs offs. Some some laser removal showed that more so then how we rebuild him we need them and like.

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