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A chance in the Minnesota is all but Donovan can't finish it off as a gophers steer it back to neutral Wisconsin brought it in our side I remember he and and how it's changed back when I was planning on that was a long time ago but even for a few years years after that people the general manager urged you to stay in school sign you when you're when you're done I could assigned after my junior year and Irene I've had the conversation with Louis today you know what we're gonna pay the same next year want to go back to your senior year you know you have the chance to win thirteen bubble block and he knows the best you know that that mindset I think from from those people they want guys now in the prose Edda the CBA's change yeah that's true in the you're going to get one now they're going to get god no it was sort of rules all of forty seconds left the pyramid to nothing lead ahead man pass those on a stick of Johnny Sorenson prosecutors all by Tyler in a model third all along the boards and was going to get sort of concern right Brian Johnson having trouble handling it gets back in time Alex Turcotte back in the point of conservation to stop by Minnesota's Jacksonville soon and then he turned it over out.

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