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Ociety because you know what we might go into an uncomfortable area and say you know what i'm glad that's uncomfortable we should keep that uncomfortable because that that doesn't that doesn't work for me that's not a good place for us to go but just to act as if you can't have those conversations is ridiculous if you can't have those conversations how do you advance how do you how do you challenge a long held belief in for a while long held belief was black people should be slaves and it was really uncomfortable for people like benjamin franklin to have the conversation you know what i don't think black people should be slaves it was the thing that had happened for how many years in a hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of you all of this theory basically people had slaves it was not a questioned part of society largely but people like franklin and many others took that uncomfortable step to say hey maybe we're the worst people on earth for doing this so there's an interesting piece of history sam houston the governor of texas he was a senator of texas i he was actually kicked out of the out of the senate he and davy crockett a lot of them because he disagreed with slavery sam houston you know evil racist texas sam houston sam houston was on the floor of the senate and they were arguing that that preachers have no place in politics the democrats the southern democrats they have no place in politics their voice is in the church there is a separation of church and state and that's when charles sumner got up about eighteen fifty seven and he got up and he said let me address this and sam houston got up and said charles sit down i got this one and he gave one of the most rip roaring speeches about freedom of speech freedom of press freedom of religion and freedom of thought here's to senators standing up and saying no i think you misunderstand just because you're a preacher doesn't mean you lose your right to free thought free expression freedom of your own voice nobody ever loses that now the left will say today that well.

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