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I and we time at the dancing. It's a huge huge thing. It's it's quite easy to underestimate. Just how relentless exposure is right and they and they've got all kinds of things to contend with right now. It's the meteoroid ups and the scale of everywhere they go in the super bowl is in their face but they've got family they're going tickets out all of these things as well which which aren't going to effect in this time around but game day itself and you talk to players and they say whatever we've been told and whatever we've got ourselves prepared for mentally when you're suddenly out there and yet you're hearing the anthem and the jets flying over like this is what i've been gearing up to my entire life pretty much. I was a kid. Do you think that side of the super bowl. even though there's going to be like a third of fines in comparison normal still be you know the the anthems the jets the halftime show and that slide on game day. Do you think the the moment that plays a lining up in here in the anthem. That the sense of occasion the scale that this is a super bowl. We'll feel exactly the same. Yeah without a doubt because of their beautiful thing called television they know the world is watching even this year when no fans were in the stadium you saw how guys would go to the sideline cameras and engage in that they knew people were watching and they can feel that of that fuel. Is there and most importantly you know when you get into a game. You issue sideline you know for me. I could kind of feel my sideline and the guys out there with me. And i will say this though the magnitude of the game. They're definitely going to feel it. Guys are going to go out there. The pressure is going to be on. Oc says something. I'll never forget and you gotta listen to a guy that's been there twice. He said all of that's happening all of those emotions but when he get out there and the first snap happens it's gone. You're in the game. It's like hey. I've been here before. And the guy the teams in the players that can do that are the ones that have success. That's why having a guy like tom brady. So essential when you're tampa bay. Obviously kansas city. Was there last year so they have that experience. But you need somebody or several people that can tell you exactly how to get over that mountain. Which is the pressure. Let's look at that. Let's look at that match. Brady mahomes is the big narrative of course right. But i wanna get your take on. Not just the van. But how the respect of defenses are going to stop right because two of the very best brady of course the greatest of all time. The most accessible time mahomes the way he's going he's going to be you know similar trajectory and look back to back rings. The last quarterback to have done that of course was was tom brady. Let's start with him. Ten super bowl appearance looking for his seventh ring. These brady hates is still won't shut up all season long. They be right now. They're saying now they made the superbowl. Let's say well. I mean tampa bay will get anyway. It's the defense getting it done. So it's incredible that despite everything there is still people and i'm referencing all those years in in new england. The system quarterback the application. That eddie or many other quarterbacks could have stepped in and done a similar job. He goes somewhere else. He takes care of business. He's in a super bowl. And i well the defense got him there. Some people just can't be placated but put them right. Jay bell talk about an incredible achievement. This is for tom. brady come on. This is amazing. And i see why tom brady gets a lot of heat. Because it's it's so easy just to say he's great so let me say something else right right. Let me have conflicting statement or point of view. I mean but it is the thing about him that i i was here to coach. Talk about him. In this made sense i think it was jimmy johnson speaking on him and he said something that made a lot of sense. They're like tom. Brady bill belichick. And he said this he said did they draft. Tom brady in the first round. Was he the savior of the organization when they brought him in there no so somebody developed him. Somebody already helped him get better and that's coaching his early years. You hear people talk about how much time bella checks spent with him teaching him about defense teaching him about what to look at what to see those early years and obviously that's what's that's what has made brady brady yes. He has all the intangibles as far as work ethic and things of that nature but the guys football iq a student ruth because he's had great coaching. so is he a system guy. We all are. If we're lucky you know we. We're lucky if we get coaching but what he's done is so amazing because this year he has taken a team and he has made them accountable in a way that they haven't been before. That's the brady effect this the brady effect so yes. He has great players around him. The defense great. He wants super bowls before. The defense was great in new england. They carried him early in the years but the brady effect is what he demands out of you as a player as a teammate. It moves throughout their locker room. It was the same way people talk about. Willie mcginest when the patriots on defense like willie locker room bill. Belichick would would say that. And that's why they were tough so certain players people follow and brady and what he does and how he's done. It is just amazing because what he puts on the practice field every day and then the games every week people. Just get on board the ship. Let's talk about the identity. Then this offense that brady's brought in as you say. The winning culture emphasized that and out of course brought the cavalry with him as well. Right will gronkowski retirement. Antonio brown was a very much a reclamation project even lead for net right who was top five over overall picketed lost his way and it will be in the nfl. He suddenly bowling again. Do you think that's maybe the most significant thing here the density he earth the tampa bay offense has been found. As the season's gone on kansas city..

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