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Blasio says students in kindergarten through eighth grade will now be evaluated as either meeting the standard or not meeting the standard Howard university's president in DC announcing an alternative plan to celebrate graduation in lieu of the in person commencement the university will host a virtual ceremony that'll be on Saturday may third may ninth rather Saturday may ninth the CDC releasing guidance to restaurants that are re opening the national association of restaurants Larry Lynch says most states will continue to limit the number of people allowed inside the keyboard is just making sure that the public understands the restaurant tourist areas they they want people to come back and dine when they're given the okay and when they feel that they're ready then they're they're absolutely serious about making sure that the public is state without a vaccine Japan saying it'll be too difficult for Tokyo to host the Olympic Games in twenty twenty one the Japanese medical association says it would also need quick development of treatment for the virus worldwide there are now more than three million cases of corona virus and more than two hundred twelve thousand deaths the CDC finds that parents who fall behind in their kids vaccines often don't catch up and that's important as many parents are skipping appointments because of coronavirus concerns this pandemic is scary and it's even scarier when you have a young infant mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro know some parents concerned about corona virus are skipping kids appointments we toast to stay on schedule because it's really important three month old deacons vaccinations are up to date you have never know what may have been like if people are not vaccinating the measles are going to be on the rise or walking cough Dr Tony Thompson two terms of TLC pediatrics we need to bring your baby and for their wealth check out assessments and the immunizations Kristy king WTOP news coming up next for you in.

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