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A radio interview. Do i think jimbo fisher on the hot seat. And i'm like what alternate realities has got living in. He just signed a new trillion dollar grand track. Well that's okay. I had a couple of weeks ago in baton rouge lsu fan. Look me in the eye. Guy that i know and he says tom the worst thing that ever happened to us was winning a national champion talking about. What are we talking about paul. They're the best season in college football history arguably did and now everybody. But that's right. That's why you're shows on the air. That's why people tune in to the games. That's why our bosses can write a big check to the sec. People care and they wanna win talking to tom. Hart who does a saturday night game. I guess people knew that already do you. Do i do every well. You do everything don't you. Yeah i remember talking at the college world series. I talked to During basketball your double dipping. Today you go see basketball But did the seasons do converge. How how do you deal with that. Because it's did you know that we're going to be on the air sunday afternoon with kentucky basketball. I didn't know that. Yeah yeah i tell. Kentucky is sunday right so basketball's kind of started on the tv side and the big blue. Be back next. Friday night for that It's i wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like and you were a ton right. I feel like the more. I work at keeps me sharp and it keeps me focused and it allows me to crossover and there's a lot of you know. There's a lot of experiences that i have talking with coaches in different sports. That are relatable to the next sport. For example last year every football coach talked to talked about heidi deal with kovic. What's the playbook now. How do you deal with your your team. And matter of fact. I had a conversation with mark. Stoops about motivating guys and how hard it was knowing that they could opt out any second knowing that the transfer portal was waiting for. And how do you. How do you motivate them in a traditional coaching way and then sure enough two months later. I'm having that exact same conversation. Frank martin right so a lot of that translates from sports sport. I just. I dislike it. Because i can move on. I don't have to see cole cubelic during basketball season. Yeah i i usually have a fast witty. But cohen. I r- dear friends. Were we all affiliate. Same radio station in birmingham. I don't want to lose that relationship just to be funny. I'm willing to risk that. yeah. I'm curious because you you've done. All the is a game a game or how football compare to me. It's a big game tomorrow night. People all i mean how does that compare to a big kentucky. Basketball game engine. Not so much in terms of the enthusiasm. But just it's a different type of broadcasters. Not so i can answer a multitude of ways but just to get in the broadcasting minutia side of it too bore everybody out there but the bigger the game to me the wider view. You take because more people are going to be watching. I catch heat from kentucky. Basketball fans say what. Why do you guys always tell the same story you know we know willie. Cauley stein played high school football. I i know you you. You can't tell the kentucky basketball fan anything. New during a telecast but what you can do is engage the audience tuning in because it's kentucky that maybe isn't familiar with every single individual player and their background so to me. It's let's widen the lens so to speak because we're gonna have a larger audience this week. We had two weeks prior say and then in turn tell the story of these teams and by the way one of the biggest stories saturday night is going to be the crowd. The atmosphere kroger field. Right i mean not death valley on a saturday night. This this is something new to these fans. Go back a few years ago with benny stalin. Those guys they had a great season. But there's something about the innocence of fan base. It's really into it and it's new to them and what you said is interesting because a people i tell stories and they've already heard this story right but not really and you can feel it. I would imagine the bigger the game and you have some really big games. And let's be honest. I mean there's some games that you probably are going. Oh my goodness that's when you try out the jokes the oh. My goodness games did that. One fell flat. We're gonna have to refine it. It's like playing when the big comedians go out and they show up unannounced and in new york club. Just to play at six o'clock set. You can try that when you're doing say a mercer game. I did that once. I can't remember it was it was a. It was a speech. But i had i had overbooked. This is and i had to. I had to go do this other one before dinner. And you could tell nobody wanted to okay and and you're literally just you're just talking the talk but gives no. Nobody's even listening. They're drinking what's your. Do you have a notebook of of one liners jokes. She got rubber chicken anecdotes. That you draw. I'll tell you the Audience has heard this. But now that you've asked. I spoke to are really big event. Once i mean we're talking two thousand lawyers and they. This was a group that spared no expense. And i gave what i thought was a really good speech. You know experiences meeting people like tom hart along the way and the guy called me after. We really really liked but next year. If you come back we really like to tell jokes. That's okay great. So i so i am going to kill it next year so i. I really made me uncomfortable because i'm not i'm not. I'm not a joke teller. And so i called a friend of mine. Who's a who was a joke writer for jay leno and we had this session. We spent a couple of hours. He wrote all these shows and he said this is where you begin. He said i've given this joke to leno. Before in vegas he said it will kill. Get up there in front of two thousand people. A man's walking down to the supermarket blah blah blah not. It wasn't like it was what we call courtesy laughter. There wasn't there wasn't even Guffaw and. I said this the next hour i told jokes it. Nobody laughed at at some point. I get some ladies that. Why don't you get some material. So i just okay lady you just. I'd begin sparring with these. I mean who. They think they're hiring sinbad. Exactly we do that happens all filled in for another guy once kevin elko who's psychologist. He called me so i. I'm snowed in pittsburgh so i went. I told the lady she'd literally chased me to the car. she said. I paid seven hundred fifty dollars for a motivational speaker. And i didn't get it. I i said here's tony robbins. Try this. I'm really sorry. Lady i have a good thought i'm i. It's more engagement mondays. A matter of fact it is more nerve wracking for me to get up in front of a crowd then to be on television. Where you just looking into a camera. Are we on this type group or some other times. Yeah it's a quarterback club in jackson mississippi. So i'll go. We'll talk ball and they'll be great again. They'll love you. It'll be fine. But it's i don't want to say it's unnatural to me and i tell people at time if you're nervous about public speaking you're just not talking about the right subject right. You talk about what you known. What's important to you. My dad was a lumber salesman. He could talk about lumber nonstop. Talk about being bored. Nothing i should be your opening line by. Might open with that one. In jacksonville touchdown club is to this. Man yeah please. He's he's he's barely getting by site. Tom thank you very much. Thanks for having great to see you. Wait to be in lexington. Let's hear it. We are not done yet. We've got a former wildcat about to join us and we're coming right back reliable.

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