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Uh you know he's going he's going to have to go to a camp on a team that you know where he was with the cowboys superpopular iis very comfortable to going to being you know if he's lucky enough to get picked up going to a brand new organization i think you know and i and i do think if i was lucky i would actually use this opportunity a force of i would sue i would try to sue because their act the polices action of not doing their due diligence and make sure they had the right person has really costs lucky his his career and has altered his uh you know altered his future possibly um but as far as lucky goes i think one or two things that lucky should do because you know when you go to jason geared and you listened to what he has to say even after the fact that the cowboys head cut him and then they found out that he really hadn't gotten and into any uh and get into a situation and they had and they had the wrong guy jason geared and a cowboys still stuck by the fact that no they're not gonna re sin release because there was still time to stop lucky from being cut the cowboys did not rescind their waiver uh and as a matter of fact jason jason kerr just said you know we made a decision best for the cowboys and we are moving oon gives a lucky a chance again on with another team and maybe a different situation.

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