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Up on so many of them. I just can't some point. I'm like dude you got to really turn it around. I don't think he misses really turned. It around is tough. It's hard for me to make until you're brown jokes. Because i i also don't know if there's like a mental illness thing than arrogant wanted to stop making connie jokes like there's something right. I mean once you suck once you saw tania's phone coat you were like becaming anymore. Remember like the app uptown. Lock is phone. And you're like i can't make any more so the environment brady has kids and for your mate grid tom. Brady's house living with someone is not like us living with someone where you're going to see that person every ever gonna see him. He's over in a wing that like. We can't even see and figured out a way to take all of my antonio brown taping over the gym. Yeah tony brown taking all of giselle zug's and thrown them out on the front lawn. That's just gonna you gotta get ready for this. Yeah it's pretty nuts but you know that's is calling if he wants to have that kind of craziness and if you can turn on your brown around where he kind of does the patriot way on tonio that i don't know i don't know if he if he does that. Tom raids honorary site degree. From every single cau- america. Hey he's a michigan man. He's a michigan man. It works for aaron hernandez so that is that is. That is our time with brad williams again. His show is next saturday night on the fourteenth of you. Go to rush. Ticks ticks and s. t. dot com dot com. Yeah go checkout. Brad williams show. He's is just one of our favorite people. And i'm so happy it's so fun to chop it up and talk sports with you. We really appreciate you appreciate you coming on. I'm glad we get to see your baby. She's so cute adorable bank. You always love seeing you guys you guys. For the best of your. I texted you this but loved your set the night on the telephone for america. You killed in front of dasa this we did. I mean look and look at how much.

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