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Zaire sundays at ten thirty starting august twenty fifth only on h._b._o. The dan lebatardshow podcast is presented by the capital one venture car when you are an unlimited double miles on every purchase. Your next trip is closer than you think capital one. What's in your wallet. Hello friends of lebanon friends. My name is mike like ryan. I'm the executive producer of the dan. Le batard show with stugatz. I also have a hand in the production of some of these podcasts. You've grown to love on the lebatardshow end friends network. It's been built by la talented producers. We've had huge contributions from peachy and seaney anthony calatayud. Dan stands at travis rock. Hold shipping container just to name a few and we wanted to do something special because as you guys know football is around the corner you tell me that it's just an hour of chris talking about football. It's not that it's not that you don't have to worry. Will we collectively wanted to do as a network was showcase all all the shows on our network presently and get you hyped for football. This is a special preview episode for the upcoming football season. It's not under one one given show. This is under the network feed. He searched that network out. That's how you found this lead guitar amp sand friends network you subscribe to that you get all the great shows on our network including south beef sessions which is hosted by dan le batard soupy hosted by stu gods the meantime show featuring lenny which is hosted by monica williams and her dog. That's what she said was sarah. Spain and marty smith's america as well and don't forget the mystery crate hosted most tweaks by your boys who host marty smith's america. I would be mardi smith and if you're a fan of all the shows on our network or maybe only have time for one or two to we're gonna give you a nice little sampling of everything that we have here to offer under the guise of getting you hype for football so that being said we have a lot of also prizes along the way south. Each sessions is typically. An interview series. A longer form interview series hosted by dan but i wanted to do something a little bit different rather than then just do an interview. This is using dan's immense talent as a writer. He lent his voice to an essay he wrote out to get you hyped for the football season of football season that we all i think given recent investigations and news and studies leave us sometimes conflicted and.

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