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I'm nora raum. Taliban fighters posed for pictures in the presidential palace in kabul. After afghanistan's president fled the country as npr's michelle kellerman reports ashraf ghani is believed to be in a neighboring central asian state in a facebook post ashraf. Ghani says he came across a hard choice. He says in order to avoid as he puts it a bleeding flood. He thought it best to get out of afghanistan. Al jazeera has published several photos of taliban fighters in what used to be a heavily guarded presidential palace in kabul. Ghani right said they now face a test and are responsible for protecting the afghan people's quote honor wealth and self esteem. The us has evacuated its embassy in kabul operating with a small group of diplomats at the airport for the time being and warning americans who remain there to shelter in place michelle kellerman. Npr news washington the vine administration is being criticized for the way events are transpiring in afghanistan. Congressman michael mccall. Texas is the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee. He said the president didn't seem to have a plan on how to remove. Us troops in an orderly fashion. The community she goes every right to make this decision. It's just once. He made the decision. We had be prepared and had a plan strategy to deal with what was going to happen. When i got the intelligence security for these In in the administration says well the ice us very grim in their assessment. They've predicted exactly what is happening today. Were as everybody else seems so surprise. Mccown called it an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. Haiti is struggling to help. Thousands of injured and displaced residents after a devastating earthquake. The death toll climbed more than twelve hundred sunday. The seven point two magnitude quake struck southwestern haiti saturday. About seventy eight miles. West of the capital officials say that more than twelve thousand homes were damaged or destroyed more than one hundred large wildfires. Continue to burn more than a dozen western states ablaze in utah. That was initially very fast. Moving has slowed down but it still zero percent contained as many as eight. Thousand homes are under evacuation orders for member station k. u. ers sonia hudson reports. The fire started on the side of a freeway outside salt lake city of saturday afternoon. It spread rapidly up a hill towards several communities. Fire officials quickly called in airplanes helicopters in hand crews from multiple states to battle the blaze. By saturday night they say fire activity had become minimum and it stayed that way throughout the day on sunday. State officials did keep a nearby reservoir closed on sunday so that helicopters could get water from it to fight the fire for npr news. I'm sonia hudson. This is npr. A huge wildfire is burning in wooded hills outside jerusalem sending a thick cloud of smoke over the city. Several small communities were evacuated. Hundreds of firefighters from across the country are trying to bring the fire under control. The navajo nation has returned to a higher level of cova cautions amid renewed national spike in corona.

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