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Win. Chris paul debit book or do for games with shoot better than forty percent from the field. 'cause they haven't shot the ball particularly well chris. Paul nineteen sixty and they've lost two or three games escape. Look we bought us that. My research joining ashes on it. Would you book cover in fourteen playoff game. Did you know fifteen points with his career. High you leave you. Go replicate delegating. He'll get another career. I don't believe that you don't believe that I feel good about back. I feel good about chris. I put three cases but the elephant in the room. The other not a better team without chris paul but they're fifteen points higher office rating with him off the court the court and you mentioned when he was out you look at it and push the pace Look at here. When he's on the court they slowed down and he's allowed the clippers to sit there. Deepens pushed up on. Get the ball in transition. Let d e The issue supreme. Game you what ball pray. Give me tomorrow. Becky phoebe down here on this block. He's starting to be a pain in your. You know why. Why did cameron johnson needs to. Because he could play defense just as bad if jae crowder and mikhail bridges. But he going to give you more pensive. I would agree with cameron johnson. You get by twenty twenty five minutes watching so shannon sharpe and chris broussard an even bigger elephant in the room. That i don't know silly me. I'm noticing that you two aren't. Would i think even without kawhi leonard and without zoo bots and without even sergio bacha. I just think the clippers are still a little better than the sons and they keep proving it game after game after game scoring differential so far through the five games. The clippers are plus seventeen through the five games over the phoenix suns. So when they win they win. Much more convincingly than the sons do and when they lose the clippers they don't lose by much haven't been blown out one time in this hole playoff run and they are now up to a record. Seven games that they have won when trailing in playoff series. No one's ever done that before so to me i. It's not about pressure because the truth is the pressure is still on the phoenix suns. The truth is the greatest pressure is not on paul george. It's on chris paul the third because he's never been to a finals in his career and we're getting toward the end of his career blown couple of three one leads already so nail the specter of another blown three one lead is got to start eating at him and he is now over his last two games over nine from three two for sixteen in the three games. He has played in this series from three. So i'm looking like the clippers have to be feel a little better about themselves and their plight because they love this plight. This is all they've ever done. Nobody would ever come back from. Oh two down in consecutive ploughs. Here is there he did that. So what's three one down to them. They are at their best when they're at their worst and they are obviously up against it now. Game five game. Six and game seven. But i don't think they feel any pressure. The pressure was on the clippers. Only once in this series and it was game four at home. Because if you want to do it conventionally you need to even the series at to all once. They didn't do that. It's like well here. We go again and lucid. Yeah it's very doable. And i think they bought it because they know they are a little better than the phoenix suns for serve need to do. They need to get them to the fourth quarter and let it be a back and forth ballgame. You look at the to ball games that they won. The game weren't close in the fourth quarter. Yeah chris paul game the third but then they they took. It didn't look back. Get them get them to the board quarrel. They got it to ninety eight ninety four last night. I wanted to be a bucket bucket. I make what i go ahead. You make a bucket you go here. I wanted to go tit for tat okay. But it looked like it was gonna be tit for tat in the third quarter when they suddenly jumped up. Sixty two to sixty one. You want to talk about our short live lead. That that one point lead lasted seconds. And then that was it for the rest of the night. You feel. You've talking points in the paint. Last night critic crossed fifty eight thirty two the time off theories what happened. Where was the dominators. They call deondraye. You know where. I don't know if he was guarded by marcus morris in but we call it about fit called him out calling him out. I don't know where he was dead. I didn't know where he was. A couple of times gives the lakers. Okay what happened what. She issued a subpoena the chris paul beatty okay. You want chris ball game. You want him to be replaced to push the ball. That was what i needed to. I needed to push the ball. Shannon sharpe is campaigning for painting for campaign to replace correspondent. Starting lineup this bit cam johnson. Starting land yeah go ahead. Chris is an interesting thing. I mean you hit on the head. Skip the pressure is on chris. Paul i mean he's gotten a ton of praise. Well deserved this year. Somebody was the mvp because he wanted what he did with phoenix but they go ahead and win the first two games without without. Now's you said they've lost. What two three three two. A lost two of three with him. Here's a stat for you shannon. And you didn't you mentioned. Think aiden devon booker with chris paul on the court in this series. He's averaging eighteen points per thirty six minutes on thirty three percent shooting. Twenty nine percent from three without chris fall twenty seven points per thirty six minutes forty three percent shooting thirty six percent shooting from three so chris. Chris is not gonna push it christmas a slow player he he might be being deliberate and controlling everything a little too much. Yes for these young guys. I mean. I think he's gotta get out you right. You gotta play faster. But i don't know if that's in him will it like i've talked about how him getting to finals or winning. The championship would be a huge boost whereas legacy if they somehow lose this series band is really going to be a knock against him and he got several because he has skipped he. Has those three one. We remember in la and they lost loved the home-court by nineteen. They did so he. he's have to come through. he threw they got them young. They got them. Young lady's bridge in crowd is not that young but brands booker in aden and campaign and cam jonathan creek. They meet to run. Let them run. You saw what they did with chris paul campaign with push it push it. You re allies. Now he was unguardable paul. George couldn't guard him. We got some. We will push it push it. I got the clippers in game. Six just as. I had the clippers in game five..

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