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O P F M Washington w W W T F M Manassas, Wtl pfm Braddock Heights, Frederick traffic and Weather The AIDS now back over to Jack in the traffic center, slowly moving the broken down or breaking down truck. If you will off the Bay Bridge East, you'll find the red X still lit over the right lane. Staying left to get by slowly escorting this off of the bridge itself caused the delay. It's kind of unexpected and we had erected before you get onto the bridge. I think the only thing that's left some flashing yellow lights before you get onto the bridge on the right shoulder. You'll find otherwise. In Maryland to 70 north. Before 80 Inner Bana. Callers had reported a broken down streets. We were kind of crowd in the left lane State Highway says Things got moved to the right shoulder. Traffic may have been paused, but hopefully now all your lanes are open. Southbound. You've got to delay approaching and passing. 80 headed toward 109, then again a slowdown through German town. Pennsylvania Avenue north Beyond the Beltway crash that's along the right side of the roadway, then north bound after Silver Hill Road reports of a vehicle fire near Penn Crossing Drive, Branch Avenue, North Bennet Earnshaw Drive. There had been an earlier wreck. Alright delays in Virginia running 95 northbound headed toward Dale City. Crash moved out of the roadway. Right side. One broken down. Reported to be on Dortmund 1 23 before Burke Lake Road in question What Lane is blocked? The W T o p traffic centers presented by Window Nation Get two free windows with every two you buy pay nothing for two years. Window nation dot com. Jack Taylor. W T o P traffic. We get the forecast now, with storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford a good deal of sunshine and warm today, but the humidity will stay low highs mid to upper eighties. Increasing clouds on Wednesday Chance a light day.

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