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He'd probably say it's for us. That was an incredible conversation. Living legend he really is a living yes. If you have a thirty for thirty or whatever it is in europe broadcaster. I mean you've done it. I think whenever we said trailblazing at the beginning of that thing think like the godfather of sports radio that's what he is. He literally is the first him and mad dog. Were the first to to kind of get into a booth together a studio together and just go to town and now it's. It's like the standard but back then it was not. I just love that. He's him all the time all the time all the time he's not. He's not doing it for anyone else but himself. If you have a thirty for thirty about you and you're not dead broker in jail. You're crushing yes. That's a standard that is probably a good standard rate. They're buried a couple of people in there. Yeah yeah died laughing big. Thanks mike francesa. Mike von is the app. I believe it is mike's on i i i. I was introduced to them. Through tie. Then saw the thirty for thirty then watched the all the clips every day in boy. I love him. I absolutely we love everything he says in the callers coming onto a stage is a great metaphor for us going into live radio really because we would like to take all this. It's a big part of why we wanna be live is to hear the people's voice in his thought of. I'm in the middle of a stage. These people just walk out here and just put the brakes on the crowd probably are we listening wants me to kick you off the stage too much. I never thought about that. I was always like this is an audience. This is one of our listeners. I'm very thankful for them doing that. Here we go not not a great call. Kai no worries good one boy whenever you have the mindset of hey. This is a fucking show now. You're not an audience. You're a performer trying to call in here. Let's put on a show and then you watch the clips of the way he does handle it. It's like oh yeah that is exactly he kicks her has stage quit. He looks him. No i mean because <hes> he makes ninety nine percent of your audience who doesn't call call in. They don't want someone call. Listen and listen to them. Be terrible listen. This is not what we signed up for. No inci sign up for all craig and main method <music> telling a terrible thing. We didn't sign up for this path to advance really quick while it's not my call but i was going to have quick hook if i if i had the ability oh you'd have a quick office sealer fucking trap door push the button. They fall right down. I think i'll have that button. I'll have the ability to put drop them into the pit office states. You've got to be able to run. People have to the gym kong button. Oh yeah very nice that when you do i was i like that. They thought i was gonna say. I wouldn't hate it if you treat it a little bit more like francesa did cause serious. I let people do their thing you know towards the end there you were you. Were leaning the other way. That was getting calls. It was also three hours to ours. Ours is five and a half of hours. I don't know how i mean. I think i think you have to be i mean you have to have the five and a half hour straight talking talking to one another human for twenty years. They're obviously going to get into a beef at some point..

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