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Special gift or give candy and flowers to someone who needs them now more than ever however you choose to share your love just remember walgreens is here for you just down the street with love walgreens trust it since 1901 get three thousand bonus bounce rewards points when you buy three or more hallmark hearts february four through the 10th with guard exludes 99 cent cards twentyfive tell some travel delays are expected due to a weather system playing havoc on a wide swath of the nation's real estate here's accu weather dot com meteorologist courtney's famer just a few areas across the country are looking at adverse weather for travelling today however some of these areas are major traveling hubs for the country which means trickling delays are possible across the entire country storm system will travel from the tennessee river valley into new england today bringing a mix of snow ice and heavy rain on the colder side in the northern side of this system that will be periods of wet snow from northern kentucky to michigan and main the heaviest snow falling from northern pennsylvania through much of new england this is the area where we could seize much as six inches of snow even some areas giving up near afoot these include the cities of syracuse new york montpellier vermont and a gust a main roads in these area will certainly be snowpacked making four difficult travel throughout the day and into tonight as well further south you go the more marginal temperatures become and while there will be snow in the forecast there were also be an icy mixer changeover to rain this could affect the i ninety 95 cities of washington dc philadelphia and new york city but most of the ice will stay north and west of the i 95 across northern new jersey into eastern and southern pennsylvania even back as far as pittsburgh but as well across central maryland and into the virginia is this area will likely have snow and ice making four slippery spots especially anything that goes untreated and could certainly lead to traffic accidents as well as airport delays from central virginia and coastal maryland downs louisiana in texas precipitation will be mainly rain but it could be heavy enough to cause flooding including blinding downpours and ponding on the roadways thankfully the remainder of the country looks quiet that's the.

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