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He said what I did this. This is what I got all those aspirins had a dream once it was a dream. And little black girls drink from the river of prosperity freed from the first of oppression. But lo and behold some form as laid later what founds but a bunch of true rifleman shift. Good enough. I know some of you don't wanna hear him say that were is the ugliest word in the English language. But that's what I see now MiG and you don't want to. Nigga doesn't niggers live in culture addictions, niggers food move on. Fishing's niggers Watson way niggers love to complain. Niggers? Love to hear themselves to explain Negga being another man's Jackson. Mid this book questionnaire. Late. Baloch entertainment television is thing. Michael jackson. Music. I'd like to talk about so plain. Seen. What's? Rossin? You have nothing to celebrate. Dip there with I'm to Canada. There you go people though, the two greatest speeches, the I have a dream speech and the nigga speech. It was so much truth compacted into that man mixed with Satai in Huma, man. It was a lot to take out from a lot to unpack. Isn't that Lewis, man? It was really good. It really was with that happy with king day. Happy. Yeah. S T has experienced. As I am one as you. I'm gonna get into that glass real quick and let oh late ask review. Yeah. Ause with his late as review, you know, is as us is. He's a he's a Sinophile. No. I'm not. No, he's he's not in into sinophilia. No. Man is not an egghead. He's not a citified damn after mullet kings from talking. He's not a Senate fall. Oh shit. Here's. You. He does his just for movies. And he went to go. See let me see fund is review rate here. You know with this movie. Everybody was looking forward to this. And a lot of people came back after his and. Sitton. But you know last. Now, that's not the blast. I remember that laugh was headed full last two miles around and was completely empty. You know, this is the one in m night shamans big anticipated sequel that was the it was even more into Pated win. It we found that the split was secretly a prequel to the movie that we see right here. Over the us. He's giving up. Keeping heavily sedated. There is a reason for that. To spoiled food. You won't be lonely anymore to friends. You fucking. What you put to superpower crazy people next to each other in the middle. Yes. Of the doors opened they could just be muggy with this movie. Yes. But is now you heard my review of this. Because people have been like, this sucks. Look, it's okay. But it's disappointment but ISO sit up and tell you the truth is to say, I don't give fuck what the public is. Sure. Don't. I'm my own man. All mind. Yeah. I'm actually looking forward to see what you say about this. I know we didn't talk about it after you saw it over the weekend. No, how did not real told you real quick and here, man. So I get into a man I George split. And I I really like split, but I enjoyed unbreakable for whatever reason. And I was just seeing how their stories will come together. And that was the mindset I went in on watching this movie. So the good part, Sarah Paulson, and what's the name, James McEvoy? They those foods way would stars of the show. You know, Sarah Paulson was was taken very seriously. And she sold it. I thought whatever she's talking about even though every time she said that we're comic book it kinda took me out because it sounded silly house. He said he felt out a lot. But. But coming books, I'm like that's out city. But I believe the for the most part, you know, every time she came on screen. I was invested what she had to say. And it moves the story along. That's you. That's you back there. No that's Martin over to the last Martin Vic. Somebody say books. That'll be me. And they get to Jay's McEvoy. He was awesome. I know you would Martin thought he was having it up a bit which is cool. But I enjoyed the personality did man again, very invested seem very invested. What he was doing shitty. I was he was playing everybody. I should I was expecting to play Mr..

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