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Mike Evans, New York Giants, Andre Hopkins discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Bentley Antonio Brown. So let's stop the nonsense here. We gotta start calling it like we see it. I've got to do my top five receivers. I'm telling you right now. It's Antonio Brown, it's Julio Jones. It's del Beckham, junior. It's the Andre Hopkins. And then a fifth guy that you want to throw in the mix. It could be devante Adams. It could be Mike Evans. It could be a few cats out there. It could be Keenan Allen. It could be a few brothers out there, throw them all in there. I'm cool with it. I'm cool with it. You wanna tell me that devante should be thrown on the list because guess what? Amer Rogers? No longer has Jordy Nelson squad that he's gonna throw that ball. To Davante Adams. Okay. I'll believe it when I see it. You wanna tell me that the show on Watson is going to stay healthy and beat at stud. And the Andre Hopkins stock is going to elevate. I believe it. Let's see it happen. You wanna tell me, Mike Evans is going to be that. I, of course Evans, but a wide receiver. Last time I checked can't throw the ball to himself. He needs a quarterback to do that. And his guy is going to be suspended for at least the first three games. For stuff that I don't feel like bringing up right now. We all know what James Winstons checkered path includes. So all of that going on these impediments. These are impediment. You don't get around that. It's just the reality of the situation. It's inescapable. And since that's the reality, let's deal with what's real. Odell Beckham junior deserves money, but when you are the highest pay receiver in the game and the belief is that you're the best of the game. I need more of a resume. So I hope and I believe that odor back jury would do this. I believe he will go out there. Hell bent on proving that he's worth every penny that he's just got. And I think he's gonna show up and show out, and I applaud the New York Giants or stepping up and taking care of his business. This brothers a box office attraction in the media capital of the world. And the money they have available to them. Everybody don't have the same liquidity that the giants have. You took care this man. Now, let's see. The rate is take Khalil Mack like they should. Now, let's see the Los Angeles Rams take Aaron Donald, like they should. Now, let's see the Pittsburgh Steelers. Take your love EON bell, which they won't do, but they should do. Got to be protective of my voice..

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Mike Evans, New York Giants, Andre Hopkins discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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