Blackhawks, Peru, Australia discussed on The Opening Bell with Steve Grzanich


At orlando international airport will make the announcement later today and some privacy advocates are already making the case there are no formal rules for handling data taken from the scans or any formal guidelines on what should happen if a passengers wrongly prevented from boarding about nine airports already us face scans for some departing international flights but not all of them as orlando's expansion would now look at wgn sports here's dave and the cubs your back in first place by percentage points over the brewers as they continue their game of leapfrog atop the nfl central cubs slipped ahead of milwaukee mathematically with their four nothing went over the dodgers their virtual tie the cubs go have a chance to widen the gap they start a four game series tonight in cincinnati milwaukee ho saint louis and the white sox host oakland socks back home after a quick trip to cleveland where they lost all three including the finale twelve to nothing manager ricky renteria not around to see the end of that one he was jetted socks nays tonight we'll have it at six thirty five a wgn the nba draft is tonight phoenix has the number one pick the bulls choose seventh the national hockey league handed out its awards last night new jersey for retailer hall when the hart trophy as the league's mvp victor hedman of tampa bay the norris trophy winner is top defenceman nash bills peck arena won the vezina trophy as the top goaltender today at the world cup denmark faces australia peru meets france it's argentina against croatia on the home of the blackhawks the.

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