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Patriae dot com slash double dropkick. Let's hit to jim. Crockett junior when i mean can i go back. Because we're gonna. We're gonna talk about jim crockett. Yeah how about the resurgence of jim. Crockett promotions own aew yes. I don't know how you were planning. No that's not yes. i agree but i just. I saw this clip. Somebody said to me telly. Blanchard's gonna be wrestling. And i went and he didn't know much about right. Yeah he manages these guys right. I don't know if he's wrestling or not so i looked up. Sure enough. it's at delhi. Blanchard your turn into the ring. And i saw the youtube clip. I didn't get to see the whole match. But i did. Watch the finish of the match in the promo afterwards and the first thing i thought to myself was is that. Jj dealer standing at rings for this match. Holy cow and then i thought it's totally blanchard for marcus. Thought that uh yeah and then you know tilley blanchard hits this link slingshot suplex and popped come out of my chair. I come unglued and i don't know. I thought it was awesome. Mad when this is the proper use of legends. Obviously totally blanchard shouldn't have got the win in that match but he did right right you know. But they didn't build him up as he didn't come out but they didn't come out and knock on his butt and them down in front of everybody. Right he they did a triple piledriver lucci source until he blanche your. And here's the thing. He didn't come out and say lucia solar teach you some respect and shove him and lucas lower swallowed his but look at it and like his daddy. Just tally blanchard. In that match did just enough yati and he got in a couple of licks tag out. he did. The slingshot suplex on a diminutive opponent. But he still did it. He more gear that covered his whole body. But it was lou. He spent some money on the s. They in look yes but not only. Did it cover him up. It was also a throwback. he always wore red. Yes so it matched away would've looked he had the great. The tb sequins surest is everything. It was everything i wanted to see. I was fine with yeah. I like the way they're using it. Alleges they're not using the legends to remind you look at how big these other stars used to be right. They're using them to help. Elevate these young guys and give them some road when he faked the dive. Did you see that. Yes and he's just kind of tally. Blanchard had a different strut than ric flair. Oh yeah yeah he did. A was a little short slow a little short stroke. But then the the thing that really that i saw before i even saw the match because they posted this on twitter or maybe it was the next day was the promo..

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