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You are listening to ground zero. Coverage of the California. Fires. Also, I just got word of the nor'easter that's coming in early. And that's also done some damage killed a few people. Big about this metaphor if you will. We have six hundred missing sixty six dead bodies are lying charge in paradise. That's six hundred sixty six bodies chart in paradise it. Sure sounds biblical apocalyptic to me. And it gives me the chills just to think that we're living through it. And we're seeing it and the idea that some of those fires that are burning could be releasing radioactive debris dust and chemicals into the air. These are things that I'm sure, you know, they don't wanna report they want report because you're bring people into panic. But I'm doing it because I want you to know that this is happening. And there are ways you can get independent studies going to see if there was any exposure released, but people that died of cancer and leukemia, people Hanford, we're talking about Hanford before there was a situation to Hanford was elite going on children were born or born with the, you know. Birth defects in in Saint Louis, Santa's they had another problem of a fire burning there and people were having their hair fall out. And they were sick were throwing up the water was contaminated. It's these are things that, you know, they wait, and wait and wait to clean up these sites. And then when something like this happens they want to cover up and say nothing to see here. But there is something to see in that is neglect and how this is going down. And how it has people. Wondering about why we see on one hand delusion flood nor'easters in cold early in the year. And then we have this unbelievable fire going on. And you have to wonder if it's all part of some geo engineering control mechanism or if the wrath of God is happening. I I just find it very arrogant that the laser the laser candidate created it's called Helius, which of course, is the God that represents the power of the sun. It's so weird you'll using the power of the sun to scorch the planet using the power of the Senate, scorched enemy, Russia and China. Have these weapons to they use them in space? They can use them on targets here on earth. Have you? This is this is our future. And this is this this all could be painted in some apocalyptic Tableau. And that's fine. You can throw it all away to climate change. You throw it all the way to the mismanagement of forest, but what is going on is people are still dying and they're still without property. And they're still wondering where the loved ones are. Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred go to James in Idaho. Hi, James ground zero. Hey, talking to your screener. I think one thing that's not really being considered. And I've been a real observer of trails and a little lot about you had a guest lane of real at all the while back. Okay. I got her book and and try to read about as much as I can. And once fat who would. So these fires. Component in Kim trail. It's a male powdered, aluminum and other really microscopic metals accelerate and when it. Stems on on the forest canopy kinda like napalm a way, and it it makes the firewall Potter normally be. Yep. Yeah. In fact, we had a lot of freeload on the show to talk about that. And they were talking about accelerates aluminum dusted sell up behind the particular Chem trails and that yes that the fires would surge hotter. And this would explain a lot about the cars melting and things of that nature because the scorching would be a lot different. It'd be moving lot quicker is accelerate. But then, you know, then again, like, I say, you know, technologies there it can be used. Why would they use it? What's the motive? That's the question. I ask people we believe their Direct Energy weapons. I heard one one thing is to concentrate the populace into the cities in the more urban areas, and and get him out of outlying areas, we had the whole specifiers. I mean, you got to Oregon I Corwin here and. If the guy the paper was saying get used to kind of like the norm. That's what Jerry Brown said. He said he said that it would be the norm. And I worry about that. Because that is, you know, their impetus to keep pushing the climate change idea that this is all about everything's footnoted climate change. Now, anything that's weird or out of the ordinary. But it just seems to me that all of a sudden, you know, when? Sorry about that. When Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris accords. We started seeing all kinds of habit going down with more hurricanes and more more flooding more intensive storms. And it just seems weird that happened. I mean, did you notice it when Brock Obama was president? We hardly had any hurricanes and the weather wasn't as intense. And now everything's out of control. I can't remember who it was. I think he's a full bird Colonel. I think he's on the internet. You can you can see 'em Melissa says that the United States Air Force or government will own the weather by twenty twenty five. Oh, yeah. They've said that many times. And it goes all the way back to ancient times. You can control the weather populace. Well, there's something to be said there's something to be said about when they say, well, if we don't do this. We don't do this. We've lost control the planet. Well, we've lost control the planet. It seems we've already lost control of it. So there's nothing that we're going to pay nothing. We can do now to repair it as far as I can see unless of course, they have something up their sleeve that ace that they wanna play and that is whether control and geo engineering that what you're talking about. You think it makes any sense this might be going out on a limb? But by having it in California and pretty much like a liberal domain or bashing that I have in these people in Malibu, and who are like liberal in their ideas and having their directly affect him in the way of the property that they become more of a vote advocate for I could see that. Yes. But I think it's more of an economical thing. And it's more of an ecosystem thing is think about all the things that California. Represents. I mean, it's a I mean, it could be a country unto itself, it's it's it's probably one of the most self sustaining states outside of the United States itself. I mean, it could be its own country. If it wanted to be and I was born. Born and raised on Long Beach, California. Yeah, I remember the Santa Ana winds coming in October enforce fires but never on on the race. And what you see like the cars being never before thanksgiving either. I mean, come on. Let's do what a week before thanksgiving or we happy for thanksgiving and people have to sift through the rubble of their homes. They're probably not gonna have a thanksgiving this year, right? I just wanted to add that to it. Yeah. A good thoughts. James and a lot of things to think about I appreciate you calling in tonight. Okay. Take care. You bet. Rob in Utah. Hi, rob. You're on ground zero. Hey, doing good, man. I was in in two thousand may six fire. Started in New Mexico called the air GRANDE fire, eventually burned. It was a control burn got out of control and burned into Los Alamos National nuclear laboratory, it burned up the fingers of the canyons it burned into. The laboratory itself. Is there was falling on me at the airport. The radiation content that they said went up twenty percent at burn two hundred and forty three houses and storage dumps where things were being stored pretty much. Got covered up. You know? You know, it was you're the caller earlier that fought than fire to he said that they had to sign releases. They couldn't sue the US government if any of them contracted cancer from the exposure to the radiation. I wasn't that caller. But that is true. So you did have decided released that is true. Wow. And the other thing is. He has to go and look at statistics. That. Global warming. The whole thing is is a farce because if you use math. If you were to stop all carbon production all carbon gig acid into atmosphere. Today. It would take ten thousand years to clean the atmosphere. Just think of an oil spill how long it takes to clean million gal. Well, think about how they could change everything with some geo engineering a little geo engineering something they won't talk about when it comes to global warming or climate change because it throws a ragging everything they talk about. And and believe me there have been many groups talk about geo engineering, and what they do is they use aerosolize drops from aircraft dinner. Stratospheric injections, they call them. And in fact, John Brennan CIA spoke, the council on foreign relations about such things saying that that is the new form of geo engineering that could change the planet and cool it like volcanoes and they've already decided to use it. They probably using it now, and they have been using it because we see the trails all the time in this guy. What you do? But I'm I'm just saying that if you stopped everything diesel gas cars, coal you have to stop it today. And it would take ten thousand years stop at all. Yeah. Would ten thousand years to clear the atmosphere. There's some sort of political agenda here. I don't know what it is. And it just continues to anger me. Because like I say, I believe the climate change exists. I just don't believe in the political agenda surrounding climate change because climate does change. But whether is something that we need to pay attention to it at the moment, weather is crazy. It's as if they've taken one side and throw it out a balance. Remember, I said that heaven is out of sync. It certainly is out of. We can tell it is many people on the east coast or writing me now telling me talk about the nor'easter and how it's how it's out of sync with everything else. You know, we're going to be seeing another omega lock when it comes to the cold again. And when that happens, we're gonna see east coast, and and many of the midwestern states, and some even the southern latitudes. Getting supercharged cold weather. They haven't already agreed in Texas. It's already cold and they're getting snow here in the northwest. We got cool early. We were we going late into the warmth. But now it's cooling down. What's keeping the skies? Pretty much dismal is the smoke from the wildfires. Yeah. Having to use eyedrops like I said, I feel like I've smoked a number of whole carton of cigarettes. You know, he can't walk up the street without feeling like, you're huffing and puffing. I mean, this is how we're trying to cope with the wildfire California. It's worse. I mean experts. There are saying that there will be serious health problems that will be almost inevitable for awhile for a lot of vulnerable residents like the elderly children and those with existing health problems. They're the ones that most risks. And they're saying that short-term. Exposure to a lot of the smoke has increased the visits to the emergency rooms.

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