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Meteorologist Austin Winfield NewsRadio 700 WLW radar shows clear sunny skies 77 degrees Right now business at the Ohio Statehouse today, State lawmakers could today push for a vote on resolutions from both parties to expel indicted state. Rep. Larry Householder from office. He defended himself on the floor of the House yesterday. Say this resolution pending before this committee is And frankly, it's that's an understatement. Ohio ones were traveling around and horse and buggies. The last time the House exercises authority to expel a member, the former state House speaker multiple times, insisting on his innocence. Yesterday he allegedly took over $60 million in bribes to get House Bill six passed the billion dollar bailout for nuclear power plants. Meantime, the Ohio State Senate is set to vote today on a bill that could legalize gambling in Ohio on sports. The current legislation being considered would grant sports betting licences to brick and mortar locations areas for online betting and for bars. If passed, it would next go to the state House and learning more about what happened before a teen gunmen allegedly shot adults and Children over the weekend. 19 year old Darius Harris is no longer on the streets like he was when he allegedly opened fire over the weekend in Westwood, leaving a little boy in a coma. Harris was released on his own recognizance a couple of months ago when he was before Hamilton County comment. Police court judge Christian Jenkins on weapons charges. Captain Steve Saunders was Cincinnati police tell Scott slow in the city seen a drop and shootings compared to last year were down. 17.5% captain Saunders says that homicides have dropped and police are closing homicide cases at a rate. Of about 75% were making arrests. So for a major city to have that rate of closure for your homicide is phenomenal. I'm Matt Reese NewsRadio 700 wlw on Wall Street Right now the Dow is down 107 points. The NASDAQ is down 13 in the S and P is down. 10. Here's the Reds Update. The Reds are in Milwaukee, playing the Brewers this afternoon. We will have coverage of the game, starting with the inside pitch that begins right after this newscast. I'm Jack Crumley. Our next update at 1 30 breaking news anytime news radio. 700 wlw at Children's National Hospital. Everything we do is just for kids. Our top ranked specialists are here for kids..

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