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The Earls gonna play this year. I would be very surprised if it's for the Seahawks I moved on. Service Landry's got some I hopes for the Browns this year. When I say high hopes, he thinks this team has the potential to score forty points a game, and then go on to win the Super Bowl. That is exactly what he said. Nick eating. The Browns can do just that instead of forty points a game. Let's say forty points in a game. See Brown's had of forty point ball game, two thousand nine hundred forty games. Longest streak in the NFL Jarvis was in highschool. Listen, I understand like you shoot for the stars. You land on the moon type of thing, but the go ahead for the moon. And if you land in the stars that wouldn't work geographically, but maybe I got the phrase wrong either way. I understand what he's trying to do. He seems to be a little overly optimistic. Okay. Jarvis Landry this is Chris card. I'm willing to challenge. They paid you a lot of money. I'm willing to bet some of that money. How many games you guys scored you'll score more than we have people on this set. All right. We got three people on this. I guarantee you won't score forty points. Three times loan averages. Call me hit me. I know you got money, so I know you can depart from that. So let's do that. Do this, do it. Number eighty. Let's coat. Okay. I like that. And finally, Kirk cousins, enjoying his new home with the Vikings. Cousin says, he's been welcomed by Minnesota and added that he's been accepted and given permission to lead Chris, how much different will the Vikings offense. Look with Kirk cousins. It's not gonna look that much different than than what we've seen the normal football fan. They won't build it till the difference. I'll build tell the difference because I know that won't be a restriction on the playbook. There won't be a harness in a noose around the quarterback. I mean, to restrain them from doing certain types of thing because it's overall ability and the leadership thing becomes very important. They don't have a lot of high profile in. Vigils on offense. Offensive line is being rebuilt and is the weakest part of their team. Their skilled guys are just down earth, middle round draft, pick Stefan digs not high maintenance. Phelan is the Minnesota product as can be both of them very, very successful at what they do. We know the running back injured last year, Alvin cook coming back in your number two. So they need his leadership and they gave that to him when they sign them..

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