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Chaos though, chaos never appeared again, which I think went lend some weight to my theory that that he ended up in Belgium or campaign. We also did have another new character. Even if she wasn't credited with her own trading card, and that was Sienna blaze Sienna blaze eventually died in Neverland after a lot of sporadic villainy and even a brief stint as a hero in the ultra verse. Which is basically, the Malibu comics universe post marvel acquisition of Malibu she was briefly resurrected by selene during the end is now presumably again, but yes, she was I think she was probably the most prominent of this set. Despite the lack of trading card. It's almost as if not the most important thing for a characters first appearance. No, I refuse to believe at trading cards and nothing else. I was gonna say I remember maverick fucking maverick. I love that guy unit. His nose must always be squished by that mask. And so we must have really nasal voice. Now chaos may have disappeared into either. But your still around listeners, and you have questions Cecilia asked. By tumbler, Sesame Street has always tried to deal with difficult topics. If the six one six version of Sesame Street didn't episode about mutants, what famous ex character, you think that asked to come on the show and what Sesame Street character. Do you think they'd pair them with for the special? Oh, man. This question was so delightful to consider and my answer is definitely beast. Beast is the X men with the most media presence. He's also the one who is a distinction specific expert in his field as well. As a spokesperson for the mutant community. He's kid-friendly. He was in evanger. And he. Would be great on Sesame Street as for whom he'd be paired with I thought about this. And I'm thinking it's going to have to be Grover because they can bond over both super heroics and being blue fuzzy monsters who good answer. Now, I went in a different direction with this question. I was thinking about the whole difficult topics thing. And so I was thinking kitty Pryde could maybe, you know, explain some challenging parts of life to big bird, you know, helping him dabs to heart experiences like having a dad die when robots blew up the island. He was on or getting kidnapped and brainwashed by an evil ninja or you know, being stuck in a giant bullet for really long time. Right. But this episode I deceive specified, but this episode is specifically about mutants. And I think it's going to be really important than that the into appears the non-human human passing mutant because it's going to be the conversation about that is going to be about differences. It's going to be about differences in appearance. It's going to be about differences in ability. An again, I think I think that's a role that the beast is just really singularly suited for you. A very good point. So yes, if it's an episode about mutants Hank McCoy one hundred percent of the way, I think he's still a good choice though..

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