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Motors now at eight eight eight nine zero eight cars that's triple eight nine zero eight cars i'm kevin o'neill wjr traffic first on the fives from that kind of you jr weather santer little forecast this week definitely feels like october out there temperatures in the 30's in the suburbs tonight from forty to downtown sunshine 68 degrees for tuesday afternoon goodlooking whether for wednesday sunshine and seventy from the weather channel i'm meteorologist scott lawrimore loose talk seven sixty wjr mostly clear and still 55 degrees our next report pour to the bottom of the hour ken rogulski wjr news from the hearts of the motor city it's the mitch albom show with mitch albom and ken brown this hour is brought to you by our cheered and partner the cooper standard foundation community partners passion for people now here's rich what am i of the sports reporters the tv show on espn for many many years is now a podcast bob ryan my glucose myself bill road and all the regular guys are on it and they free and you can get it every monday and friday a new one we did this morning focused on a lot of the crazy football games over the weekend of course than nutty baseball baseball's just been great this i know we're not in it ranta but about justin we are in there yeah we were we were we supply area were ruined for look justin verlander he is the single best player in baseball from the time the tigris traded him till now he hasn't lost yet he comes through in the clutch he's a bigger stud than he ever was in detroit and he's gone a become is likely to play for a world series and have a decent chance of winning it as part of a rosser just so weird or every time i i think of him why can keep hearing is that that car song you know my best friends over him he used to be your mind come on on balmy like uh the are here yeah because it's that philias like yeah yeah he's crazy oh yeah he doesn't play for us anymore he's doing all this for another team and what are we got three guys that we never heard of and.

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