Caitlyn Jenner, Ryan Sawyer, China discussed on DirtCast - Blac Chyna, Rob K., & the NDA


Caitlyn jenner made and the kardashians together made trans gender a lot more palatable for like the mainstream thinking me people understand what it was the i was very much like watching watching caitlyn's process would you i think probably helped a lot of viewers who ord should do not understand that at all ryan sawyer inner though original one that just explained it and like very simplistic terms what it it was actually and i think that it it did a lot for acceptance in visibility and you know maybe this will do that for revenge porn definitely because it's weird the kardashians probably would never have taken the issue on themselves because save note of rafitied here at the end but really benefited from that uh but they're able to lake turn a sows ear nose silk purse every time the au they can take garbage and make it into something they are resilient family resilient but as far as the nightline thing limb i didn't think the china sounded that put together more that um eloquent southern like out of her house yeah yeah i'd but i think that it's that's good though because if she was like two prepped down it would have she seemed not as relatable no i liked that she didn't use perfect grammar there i mean i love that she wore a low cut top to court and you could the early body mod diamonds in governor fell on the flag.

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