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This a question that came up during my tenure as chair it did on event before you think it's wrong do you think accepted that precedence to search for opposition was not involved in the contract and other republicans meghan i was not involved in hiring of this firm i did not know about the existence of this contract but in terms of opposition research people go after things that i i must say here in america they go after germany go after you saw what trump jr day but no i did not i did not go after let's go to rush i task for opposition recital you asking me about the dossier and and how it was compa i don't know high was campa i don't know who went after nagging all right that was on the view today obama and pretty blockbuster long i was told i didn't need to know any of this and she goes seats he actually had used the word rig which by the way is somebody authored a book let me tell you by the time you finish your book and ever actually gets published you don't even remember it and i know it sounds weird but it's true because the become such a painful act to be out there uh writing books speaking of which uh my friend and colleague greta van susteren as a new book out everything you need to know about social media without having a call a kid i want to talk about you know it's funny about that as i have to ask my daughter to download all of my apps what what they not nuts them funny i don't think that's so why are you mocking me oh me john yes we of course how are you laughing at you but you know what you're like everybody else that's the problem you know why wrote this book is because i thought i was asking a twenty five year old a rather sophisticated question what am i aces up on instagram and i after the question and her response was seriously and i said yes i mean seriously she said you don't know that such a actually i don't know that i used to change your diapers that'd be nice to me it's amazing what they can do i.

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