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Allow warfare raged through the airwaves the internet give us a sense of absolute freedom as it does for people today we have been contacted by many activists in countries with similar problems and we have provided them with the model how technology can circumvent restrictive authorities the 90s was a unique an extreme situation which called for extreme and unique solutions it resulted in what i call a net of the internet's that veron matt it at b ninety two looking back on some turbulent and frankly dangerous years of radio and internet pioneering sites though here with my digital travelling companion temer vicente vhich he presents digital icons at here from radio belgrade two and as a technology commentator and as a human being have you noticed a tendency for a brain drain in recent years from serbia near brian people fleeing of the silicon valley you'll wherever well i can say yes a people wants to go out to try to leave a better life but i see very by can say good seeing tendency to stay here thanks to technology young people small hasn't success abroad they come back you know here and they're they're working from serbia because thanks to technology you can leave very ever you want you can do whatever you want if you have your pc and you're you're connection you can have a good salary surely being given here in serbia and the icc acknowledgee as the because of people coming back and a because of people wants to stay here in serbia eric and if atlas currency a place that might be a symbol of this reversal of fortunes this is the science and technology paul it's on the outskirts of belgrade its near the iconic.

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